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  • This is the first add-on I install on any new FireFox installation. AdBlock simply helps FireFox display webpages without annoying, system-slowing, potentially dangerous ads. No need to know much about how ads work to use it - just subscribe to the list for your country and it will do the work for you. It's unobtrusive and it just works! No ugly placeholders or blank areas on webpages, you'll simply never realize an ad was supposed to be there. This is my favorite add-on and I recommend it to everyone.

  • After installing this addon i logged in to Facebook to find all the ad's down the right hand side have dissapeared...Amazing!
    Many thanks to the developer...donation greatly deserved :o)

  • Great add-on! I can now actually view the Weather Channel site without being bombarded by roaches from the Orkin man! It's been so long since I've been inundated with ads, I forgot there were any until I had to use IE the other day! Anyway, thanks!

  • I am writing this problem here, because the support site isn't working. The problem is "btjunkie.org" isn't working when ad block plus is enabled.

  • Excellent.

  • Helps to block ads and tracking. Must have addon. It can also save you from adware, spyware, etc that are from some ads.

  • This download is very handy to block all useless spam you get. So many tnx:D

  • very nice!!

  • My only MUST addon

  • This is the de-facto standard ad blocker plugin. The default filters occasionally miss some ads, but this can be easily fixed.

  • ist sehr gut und schützt

  • If you want to block ads, this is the extension to use. Only downside is that it cuts profits for some websites, but you can adjust filters for websites that you actually want to support.

  • We wish for synchronization! To upload and download my ads filters from Adblock Plus or XMarks server.

  • Awesome! It is the first thing I install in all my Firefox installations.

  • AdBlock makes Firefox the fastest browser around. Don't pass up this extension.

  • A must have extension, the best advertise blocker.

  • I've had adblock on my mac for a short period of time. I've gone back to a couple gannet papers that invariably create popups. Someone on FF recommended adblock and it's working so far. My system is just as fast or slow as it always is and the popups aren't popping up.

  • Спасибо автору за дополнение!
    Ненавижу тупую рекламу! Теперь от нее нет ни следа!

  • Let me make this short and brief:

    Adblock Plus is a good add-on because it prevents MOST ads from slowing down your internet performance. What's good about this is that it's well customized and easy for someone to use, which is of course necessary. Hope this review helps you!

  • Excellent, a real gem.

  • Excellent, a real gem.

  • Excellent, a real gem.

  • A VERY good Addon. Well Done!

  • the best addon ever!

  • Amazing!!

    Just installed and most of the pages don't have the awful ads! Without making a click