The best plugin ever Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I cannot stand banner ads, interstitials, video ads or really any form of advertising that interrupts my reading or watching. I have used some form of adblocking since banner ads caught on in about 1996: Junkbuster, Privoxy, Opera adblocking. This plugin does a better job with no configuration than any other choice that requires configuration and tuning. And, if you do want to extend it a little further with some configuration (to block text ads for example) it has a great interface in the menu under "Select an element to hide". On the rare occasion that it blocks something I want, again there is a great interface to turn it off for just one page or for a whole site. I will often install this plugin on a computer even though I am just using it for a little while because I know the owner of the computer will benefit from having ads removed.

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