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... suddenly left with the release of v. 2.0... oop, never mind... If you guys are really going to claim that the update is for usability reasons, fork it and release the old code. prove that v2.0 is that much better than ABP without ads (The 2.0 version is supposedly "better, now with ads"). Either that or open your books and prove there wasn't a gigantic payoff to the committers and lead devs. Or option C, answer how it feels to completely sell out to the monopolies and oligopolies that advertize on the web.
Until then... Little guy loses again, or so it seems....
*edit* I rescind my skepticism and apologize.... I also thank you for allowing the ad-block lite fork (if it is in fact a fork.. I just saw it and rushed here to post)... I also thank you for allowing the fork to be distributed and developed.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (