downgrade? - not worth it. And all about that hell unleashed... Rated 4 out of 5 stars

* Many people here complain about "non-intrusive ads" feature.

I agree it's just crap. It's probably because, unlike standard subscription, it's hidden and receive special treatment all the explanation ( looks cheap and unconvincing. More then that it's a very disturbing change.

Anyway since the feature can simply be DISABLED, so clinging to the old version for now is rather a bad move. If You "must" or just want to show Your disagreement, switch to Trueblock fork. Still better then downgrading.

* New UI bad?
Honestly I don't get it. It's better then the previous one.
I like the new subscriptions window - clear and functional. Separates user custom filters (can be grouped now) form 3rd party subscriptions.

And all the small options are still there : either moved to addons page (following latest fx trends) or available in plain old context menu - the one that pops out on button.

Plus there is that little tweak-extension called "Customizations for Adblock Plus" that allows some small UI tweakson

Downgrade is not worth it.

Only / as many as -1 star for "non-intrusive ads" - mostly because I learned about this from some 3rd source (not reddit:) Despite that I really, really appreciate all the hard work Wladimir put into this ext .. for years (!) and the fact that ABP all the time is keeping the web clean for me. And yes it still does.

P.S. There is support site where Your feedback can also be heard (even louder maybe). Just pointing out ;)

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.0.2).