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  • This is the only ad blocker that I found blocks all YouTube ads inc. those embedded in the videos. So far it works great.
  • Thes elosers aren't even really trying to block facebook ads anymore. What was once an arms race has turned into this ad blocker getting bent over by Facebook's ads. They've allowed several companies to pay them off to whitelist their ads, and I'm starting to think Facebook was one of them.
  • Excelente
  • Empecé a ver anuncios en YouTube y otras páginas. Claramente no me sirve
  • Every day is less effective, now doesn't work in many sites.
    Cada dia es menos efectivo, ahora no sirve un muchos sitios.
  • ¡Simplemente me encanta! Bloquea casi toda clase de publicidad desde YouTube hasta Facebook. A todos mis Amigos les recomiendo instalar este complemento.
  • Blockiert nicht nur Werbung wunderbar sondern verbuggt größenteils Websiten. Nach langer Zeit in Verwendung deinstalliert. Hoffe in Zukunft wird es wieder funktionieren.
  • Best damned Ad Blocker Available! I wouldn't use You-tube, or any of the internet without it. All those pesky ads that have absolutely nothing to do with what I am interested in. The Last Laugh is on them. Because with the genius minds at Adblock Plus, they have put together the best damned program to get rid of them damned annoying ads.

    THANK YOU Adblock Plus Team & Crew! We owe you for the work you've done saving us from them damned Ad monsters who only want to suck users dry of money, time, and steal, our personal info, Track us, and drive us mad by taking our sanity(Not really mine), but others may have issues of sanity after being bombarded day in and day out, by being carpet ad bombed on ad carpet bombing raids on the innocent people of Earth through out America and the world!!

    Keep up the great work Adblock Plus!!!
    Thank You & Godspeed Team!!!
    #WWG1WGA !!!
  • Super
  • love it
  • Excelente extension! Impresindible
  • Best Ad blocking app for me.
  • I don't know why, but it doesn't block Facebook ads anymore for a long while.
  • Der Blocker ist einfach GUT !!
  • sdmoviespointThank so much for this article sdmoviespoint
  • 没有它,我已经无法上网了
  • Ease of use. Now I can enjoy the web without a bunch of ads for stuff I have no interest in, have no use for, have no relevance, or mae no sense.

    Thank you Adblock
  • Love ADBLOCK, been using for years....
  • This worked great until it didn't. Don't know what went wrong but I suddenly had multiple ads again. Don't know when or if it will be fixed. Sorry, I really liked how this worked but no longer. Gave it 2 stars instead of one based on how well it worked in the past and the possibility it might be fixed and work in the future.
  • muy buena realmente ayuda a quitar las molestas publicidades y más en sitios que frecuento como de investigación y foros de desarrollo :)
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  • Спасибо разработчикам огромное. Рубает остогыдевшую рекламу ещё на подлёте. Отличное расширение!
  • Läuft einfach....
  • 对于90%的网页可以有效拦截
  • not good.