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Good idea. I run a Firefox 3.0.18 with ABP 1.1.3 with MonzTa Filter rules. And I get mad about ad-popups. The most nagging ones appear with the mail providers and that I use. With it works but it doesnt with GMX. The URL is Their latest trick is to trigger the popup by switching the login mode. IE8 has a total blocker which works well, but I dont like IE as it jeopardizes system security at all times. Why not make a total blocker like in IE with a white list ?

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.1.3). 

Thank's for your review

I'm not sure how the pop-up blocker of IE8 works but would you get the same result by setting dom.popup_allowed_events to empty string in about:config and then using Firefox's inbuild pop-up whitelist? That would block all pop-ups except those on whitelisted sites. I find blacklisting better solution here because it won't block any non-ad pop-ups that may be essential for some sites. I tried to find those pop-ups in GMX but you probably need to have email account there, right? Are you sure that matching patterns for those pop-ups are listed in Adblock Plus? They may use some kind of randomization in urls which may make it a bit more difficult to guess the pattern.