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  • porque me permite ver mis videos sin interrupciones muchas gracias.
  • I'm only giving it a three stars as I am weary of this extension still. I am wondering if there is going to be any pop ups or will this extension pop up a page or an advertisement for their gain? I am still skeptical of Adblocker for youtube firefox extenstion...I don't trust anyone these days on the net...
  • asdxcasdw
  • https://addons.mozilla.org/fi/firefox/addon/ublock-origin/

    Ublock Origin blocks ads from Youtube too. Opensource. Better alternative. Remove this and get that.
    Works for firefox (+android) and chrome.
  • Great !!
  • ahora youtube no es tan caca
  • Muchas gracias ahora no tengo que esperar 5 segundos para saltar el anuncio!!
  • its nice to have that extension
  • it is easy to use and really working
  • It makes my research and entertainment easier.
  • cool
  • Macht was es soll. Aber manchmal will man doch sehen, was geht. Oder?
  • Very Good.
  • The App is great, it stops all of the annoying Ads that destroy your user experience in Youtube
  • top
  • works for me
  • good
  • Simply doesn't work!
  • bad
  • Good, BUT... don't block ads on youtube, it funds creators like myself, I am only using it to remove ads for music in my streams.
  • fasza
  • Does Not block all ads on YT.
  • I continue to still get ads on my YT videos. I tried to change the settings, but every time I do and then try to save, it never saves. Guess I will move on. So far YT is winning this battle and has been freely playing ads with 3 of 3 ad blockers I have tried so far. 4th will be a winner, I hope.
  • ほぼ広告をカットしている
  • Werbung wird eingebettet !!