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  • This is the best adblock program i've ever used keep it up!
  • Much better than the others I've tried.
  • 比那个plus好用,我用过最好的广告拦截插件
  • twitch ad not blocked.
  • Buenisima

    Developer response

    ¡Gracias! ¡Creemos que también eres buenisimo!

    :) Rhana, AdBlock Community Manager
  • good
  • Yes
  • adblock ok
  • nützlich und sicher !!
  • The verdict is still out on this extension.

    Developer response

    Hi rrgaap. Thanks for your rating, and fair enough! We hope you'll come back and increase your rating after you've had a chance to give AdBlock a try. :)
    - Rhana, AdBlock Community Manager
  • On mange déjà bien assez de pub comme ça en dehors du web. Un grand merci aux devs d'AdBlock !
  • good
  • It's not stopping many

    Developer response

    Hi! We're sorry you're not happy with AdBlock! We have some troubleshooting tips for unblocked ads here: https://help.getadblock.com/solution/articles/6000061202-seeing-unblocked-ads-start-here-

    If they don't help, feel free to open a ticket at help.getadblock.com. Please include AdBlock's debug information, a link to a page where you're seeing ads, and a screenshot of the ads (https://help.getadblock.com/solution/articles/6000087856-how-do-i-give-you-debugging-information-). Thanks!

    Rhana, AdBlock Community Manager
  • al principio deberían decir que cobran así no perdería el tiempo.

    Developer response

    ¡Hola! Gracias por tu comentario. AdBlock cuenta con el respaldo de donaciones de usuarios satisfechos. No establecemos el precio; usted determina cuánto vale AdBlock para usted. Aunque fomentamos el pago (después de todo, nos ayuda a mantener las luces encendidas), si no quiere pagar nada, ¡está bien! Solo cierra la página sin pagar. :)

    Hello! Thanks for your comment. AdBlock is supported by donations from happy users. We don't set the price; you determine how much AdBlock is worth to you. Although we encourage payment (after all, it helps us keep the lights on), if you do not want to pay anything, that's fine! Just close the page without paying. :)

    - Rhana, AdBlock Community Manager
  • Спасибо, за Хороший блокировщик рекламы!!!
  • El AdBlock me curó el cáncer de cólon :'D
  • La aplicación bloquea el ordenador portatil, las webs como Drive, Gmail, etc pierden la conexion y no se puede trabajar bien. Pensabamos que el problema era de hardware y hemos descubierto que todos los problemas de los dos ordenadores donde lo teniamos instalado, era culpa de esta aplicación.
    A todos los que experimenteis fallos extraños en el ordenador, probar a desinstalarla.



    The application blocks the laptop, websites like Drive, Gmail, etc. lose the connection and can not work well. We thought that the problem was hardware and we discovered that all the problems of the two computers where we had installed, was the fault of this application.
    To all those who experience strange errors in the computer, try to uninstall it.


    Developer response

    Hola RMG-GMR. Gracias por sus comentarios. Como una extensión de navegador, la capacidad de AdBlock de afectar cualquier cosa que esté fuera del navegador es prácticamente inexistente. Me gustaría saber más sobre los problemas que estabas viendo en esas computadoras portátiles. ¿Le importaría enviar un correo electrónico a help@getadblock.com? ¡Muchas gracias!

    Hi RMG-GMR. Thanks for your feedback. As a browser extension, AdBlock's ability to affect anything outside of the browser is close to non-existent. I would like to know more about the problems you were seeing on those laptops. Would you mind sending an email to help@getadblock.com? Thanks very much!

    - Rhana Cassidy, AdBlock Community Manager
  • prego faro volentieri donazione non appena possibile grazie mille per la comprensione e l attesa
  • East to use, and only costs a bit (your choice)
  • sell user info
  • perfact
  • cette extension est exceptionnelle.
  • спасибо за вашу работу!
  • almost all sites have entered code that dosn't allow any ad-blockers to work now; No longer use any, waste of time; theyv'e caught on to it!
  • too complicated to stop ads on all pages of a domain. In fact, it is a pain in the butt.

    Developer response

    Hi, Anonymous, thanks for your feedback! AdBlock is pretty much plug-and-play. If blocking ads feels complicated, it probably means you're not doing it right. :D

    I'd be happy to help you figure out what's not working. Would you mind opening a ticket at help.getadblock.com? Thanks!

    - Rhana, AdBlock Community Manager