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  • 好用
  • Excellent extension, top of my list when installing Firefox. I'm always stunned when I see what people have to put up with on browsers without AdBlock - websites have become virtually unusable because of the amount of advertising vying for your attention. Keep up the good work.
    Hi Jim, thanks for the (five-) stellar review. We're glad you're enjoying AdBlock and that we've made your Internet day just a little bit brighter!
    :) Rhana, AdBlock Community Manager
  • Not sure why it is no longer working on YouTube?
    Hi Cas. If you're seeing ads on YouTube again, please try these suggestions: https://help.getadblock.com/solution/articles/6000109702-i-m-seeing-ads-in-youtube-videos
    :) Rhana, AdBlock Community Manager
  • Es genial, una herramienta muy util
  • Awesome
  • ㄹㄷㅅㄴㄷㅅㄹㅅ느
  • 不错。就是无法添加
  • excelent
  • Its a good adblocker. I use it with the NoScript Addon to disable scripts that can detect dblockers. Workds like a charm. But there is one thing thaqt forecdm me to uninstall this addon on my MacBook. Its using too much memory, it about 400 MB when starting the browser, and it gets worse while using it. Checked it on my Linux Desktop PC, the memory footprint is way smaller than on the Mac. But there seems to be a general Firefox-Mac-Memory Problem, but yout plugin is definetly affeted by this issue. 5 Stars for the plugin -1 star for the memory leak Mac High Sierra "Designed by Apple in California" thing...
    Hi, thanks for the heads-up! We haven't seen issues with memory usage in Firefox. Would you mind opening a ticket at help.getadblock.com so we can start investigating? Please include AdBlock's debugging information (https://help.getadblock.com/solution/articles/6000087856-how-do-i-give-you-debugging-information-). Thanks!
    - Rhana, AdBlock Community Manager
  • Why does this need to access my data for all sites?
    Hi! That's a great question, and you're absolutely right to be cautious about the access you grant to software you install. In our case, AdBlock needs to be able to read the data on every web page you visit so that it can see what part of it is an ad it's going to need to block if possible or hide if not. Does that mean we store or use your personally identifiable information? Absolutely not. We're pretty big on privacy around here.

    For more information about what kinds of information we can see and what we do with it, please see:

    I also encourage you to read our privacy policy, which goes into more detail:

    I hope this helps to reassure you! If you have any other questions, feel free to drop me a line at help@getadblock.com. :)

    - Rhana, AdBlock Community Manager
  • I had given up on even visiting certain sites because of the ads and how they adversely affect my browsing experience. But now with AdBlock, I am able to visit those sites again. Thanks!
  • das ist ein fach nur gut so
  • <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
    - Rhana, AdBlock Community Manager
  • still getting too many disruptive ads
    Hi! If you're still seeing ads after installing AdBlock, here are some things to check: https://help.getadblock.com/solution/articles/6000061202-seeing-unblocked-ads-start-here-

    If those suggestions don't help, please open a ticket at help.getadblock.com. Include the debug info from the SUPPORT tab in AdBlock's options, a link to a page where you're seeing ads, and a screenshot of the ads (please capture the entire screen). Thanks!
    - Rhana, AdBlock Community Manager
  • nice
  • this is really awesome addon ever, it's helps me a lot for safe browsing
  • Muito bom, o firefox fica melhor ainda
  • The best
  • thanks for making it.
    Thanks for trying it and liking it! :)
    - Rhana, AdBlock Community Manager
  • Cumple con su función.
  • :v
  • A must have add-on the get rid off all of those annoying adds and news popping up everywhere.
  • 很精彩
  • 広告でない物が消えてしまったり、逆に一部の広告が消えなかったりという問題すらないので完璧です。