$20?!?!?! USE GHOSTERY & NOSCRIPT ;) Rated 1 out of 5 stars

ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!! it started at $1.99 only a few months ago!!! It doesn’t even work right yet, and probably never will!!!

The authors of this add-on are getting really pathetic. They avoid obvious complaints, they implement their own advertisement and they are totally UNETHICAL!!!

Poor impulsive add-on installers have no idea their system is rendered UNSAFE AND OPEN to the authors!

Read more about this add-on, it is pathetic and the authors are egotistical anally re-tended scammers!

The best advert banner is COMMON-SENSE. I’ve stopped banning adverts since most are un-obstructive and help pay for much of what we seem to expect for free anyway...

Stick that little star right up your own little star! If it fits, since its obviously so damn tight!

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