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  • After install, you have to restart your browser (obviously). So I did. Immediately blocked everything, including entire websites. It even blocks THEIR OWN WEBSITE and says it's blacklisted. This is not worth your time unless you just wanted to see a useless add-on malfunction. The only thing that came up, was their pop-ups, and of course, they want money.
  • My new favorite addon. Think it as AdBlocker for low-resources machines.

    I switched from AdBlocker hoping that it would use less physical disk space (I have my Firefox profile loaded into ram using profile-sync-daemon), and AdvertBan really delivers. I almost didn't think it was doing anything until I compared some sites w it turned off, it t h a t fast. Maybe that's my only complaint and why I didn't give it five stars: some indicator or counter that shows the number of ads removed, it just feels weird not knowing.
  • Blocca oggetti sicuri
  • Не выполняет совершенно одну из своих главных задач - Не блокирует всплывающие окна.
  • Desde que lo instalé, no logró bloquearme ni una sola publicidad. Probando con Adblock Plus, me liberé por completo de la molesta publicidad pero AdvertBan lo tuve que desinstalar.
  • Therefore I have reported this product as an adware provider to Mozilla, and I hope that many people will do the same in order this crap disappears from here.
  • Works like charm in firefox.. :-O
  • It's pretty good, but it doesn't block all ads, and it blocks some scripting that you don't want blocked

    However it is easy to use. And if it is blocking wanted items, you just click it on, or off as needed from the menu bar and reload the page
  • Does NOT work. Pop-ups still appear...
  • Addon reported for false claims and for creating extra ads (from the program itself). If everyone else where to report this clown, this garbage would be gone from the official Firefox addon pages.
  • Doesn't block anything in Linux!
  • Even one star is too much for this.. Author(s?) is still rude and disrespectful. I promised I would continue to check this out until it was nag-free, and yet there it is. Christ, if this wasn't nag-ware, I would have donated a few quid!! Like most of us..

    3) AdvertBan only suggests you to pay a small fee for premium support. There is no need to pay if you don't need premium support.

    Well if we don't NEED it, why are we continually bombarded with YOUR PERSONAL ADVERTISEMENTS??? Turn it off, after the first show at-least!
  • I only use this in addition to Adblock because it effectively blocks the annoying video ads that interrupt cable news clips, which Flashblock does not. It isn't worth the large donation developer asks for because it has minimal application for me and it often has to be turned off because it blocks some things I want to load.
  • Nagware do not have a place in AMO. It's different if it's a free software in Windows and asks you to buy a software. But Firefox is different, it is developed by a non-profit organization. Even if you say that your code is open source, with the "nags", you are destroying the spirit of open source software. If you really are short on money, then I suggest you do what NoScript and Adblock Plus do, ask for donation. You could do with your current business strategy, prioritize users who donated in terms of missed ad support.

    Please don't see this review in a bad way. Think of it this way, you are driving users away with the nags. I just want to see this add-on rise again.
  • This is bullsh*t... It keeps opening an anoying tab asking you to buy the pro version....
  • AdBlock rules!!!
  • I just uninstalled Adblock Plus to try out this add-on. I installed the add-on and restarted my browser. After restarting, it was a little faster with this add-on. My problem is that when I went to a site, example: www.videoweed.es, the add-on didn't block all of the adds. There wasn't any button in the browser to "report" the unblocked adds. When right clicked, nothing either. Its like the extension is blocking some, but not all of the ads. Also, I visited the Firefox home page to write a review on this add-on when it was enabled, I could not scroll down to see what I was writing. I had to disable this addon, to write a review on Firefox's review page. I'm using Firefox's Aurora browser on Windows Vista platform. It updates itself every two days. The current version is 11.02a. This add-on may be faster than Adblock Plus, but it has flaws that needs to be fixed. Thinking about switching back.
  • This is just getting better. Submitted a report, and was taken care of the next day! very reliable, and just plain damn good!
  • This appears to work in all of my "specialized" circumstances - the new Timeline view of Facebook, and even with my own homepages email being run through gmail (which looks very different than the standard gmail. Great job. Very diverse script. I will be recommending this to many people.
  • After all the upgrade popups I see, this is no longer in my list of favorite addons. Also I see no actions on the issues reported at http://code.google.com/p/ad-ban-extensions/issues/list
    Time to switch to something better.
  • After you install this add-on it will constantly pop up pages nagging you to register for a full version to an exorbitant fee. These pop-ups are at least as annoying as the ads it blocks and makes you question the motives behind the creators.
  • Once you install AdvertBan it begins to violate it's purpose by regularly popping up advertisements for AdvertBan premium support, which apparently can't be stopped until you pay for it.

    This is an unethical, unscrupulous tactic, and AdvertBan should be boycotted.
  • But what do you think you've created? You think you're a genius for realising that 2+2=4? I wouldn't give you the dirt from my shoes for this junk. Come on everyone, back to AB+ before this guy's ego explodes. Btw: You can stick the mandatory one star vote where the sun doesn't shine.
  • Absolutely incredible. This was exactly what I needed and works perfectly.
  • Would give it 5 stars for a good effort...but the suggested donation makes me wonder what this author is so proud of.

    It does work...but not with Aurora. Can it? Will it? How much then? ;)