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Therethere... Buhbye FF4, hello annoyance-free Internet!

Oh. For those interested, get flashblocker too and decide for yourself if a site may display possibly annoying content or not :p


Haaaaalp!! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Please update to FF4? Pretty please, sugar on top?

When this post is placed FF4 will be history until this is updated, other FF4 compatible blockers are a pain in the ass. Hard. Anal. No lube.

:'( plx update?

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I *love* the add on. Every time I have to use IE for some reason or use somebody elses computer I'm in shock by how bloated the web actually is by ads.

And for those whiners who cry for the ads not visible at their sites:
stfu, ppl blocking ads are prolly no folks who are interested by what you have to offer anyway.