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  • Old Adaware will not work, most likely because I finally upgraded to Win10. When I try to download another version for Firefox I get a message that the file seems corrupted, so it won't download and install. What goes with that, anyhow?
  • It's quite an old version of uBlock Origin with removed features, reskinned, and opt-in telemetry added to it.

    It violates the GPLv3 license of uBlock Origin: the copyright and license notices have been removed from many of the source files, and the modified source code is nowhere to be found.
  • App is great- I hope Firefox fixes issue.
  • very good
  • Sneaky. Wants to ad bing disguised as an update.
  • I love it, thank you.
  • I didn't ask for it and I can't remove it. [ Ihave removed it from Control Panel but still it aappeats on the opening tab}
  • It's undetectable so I like it very much . I can watch now with no ads, without getting banned. Thank you!
  • I cannot adaware to block ads in Firefox.