109 reviews
  • Sneaky. Wants to ad bing disguised as an update.
  • I love it, thank you.
  • I didn't ask for it and I can't remove it. [ Ihave removed it from Control Panel but still it aappeats on the opening tab}
  • It's undetectable so I like it very much . I can watch now with no ads, without getting banned. Thank you!
  • I cannot adaware to block ads in Firefox.
  • So far the best of all adblocks! what make it better than others is page pop-up blocking and it let user to make own page white- and blacklist. But one minus point, on youtube even though it blocks ads perfectly but it won't remove the empty place away, why?
  • Easy to install, then just leave it alone. It'll do the job.
  • Good
  • Hi. This is easily the best Ad blocker for my needs. What I love the most about it is, consistently easy to set up whitelists for sites with good ads, to easily support wanted ads on sites, works perfectly in Firefox across Windows, Linux, and Android.

    Also seems to be the fastest and smoothest experience for me, with no noticeable lag in Firefox.

    If may not be the best known, but it's my favourite.
  • Oké.
  • Is this an Ublock fork?
  • Плохо работает пользовательская блокировка элементов. На некоторых сайтах вообще не работает.
  • Easily contents and efficiencies. Speed correct for search and block
  • Прекрасно зроблено, працює добре.