How to install on Firefox 3.0+ (newer) Rated 5 out of 5 stars

How to install on Firefox 3.0+ (newer)

This add-on is very useful but unfortunately the developer stopped updating it. There for we have to manually update and install it. I have changed the max version compatibility of this add-on in order to install it on Firefox 3.0+.

(I have read the review guideline. Since 2009 people have requested for update but the developer seems to not respond. So we have to do something. The following file is safe and clean.)

How to use this add-on in Firefox 3.0+:

1) Download the following updated add-on file

2) Install it by following this guide

(Firefox 4.0: Add-ons (manager) -> Get Add-ons -> Gear icon (near search bar) -> Install Add-on From File ... (drop down) -> Choose the download add-on file)

3) Restart Firefox.

Most of the add-on features should work.

Tip: For comfortable reading, use gray background color with dark blue text color.

Thanks metal321

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