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Just installed it this addon. Had to update the max. version in the install RDF file. Seems to work well. Zoom controls work but the buttons for font size don't, but I would think zoom would be all a person would need. Not sure about the other controls. I am using it to change background colors. To up the max version in the RDF file you will need to open this page with Internet Explorer and download Accessibar to your computer. Use a free zip file program like jZip to open the XPI archive, then right-click on the Install.rdf file and open it with notepad. Scroll down to where it says "Firefox" and look for this line: <em:maxVersion>3.0</em:maxVersion>. Change 3.0 to 4.0 and then close Notepad and click yes to save changes. Then jZip will ask you if you want to save archive. Click "Yes". Now go to "Addons" under the Tools menu in Firefox and click where it says "Extensions". Over at the top, right side of the screen there is a gear icon. Click on that and then click on "Install Addon From File". Navigate to wherever you saved the XPI file, install it, restart Firefox and you should be good to go. Hope this was helpful.This addon seems to change the background of every page you go to globally unlike a bookmarklet which only changes the page you are on. I don't exactly like this behavior and I don't see any way to make Accessibar use a webpages original specifed colors (I now see the restore button at the very end of the toolbar). More options for global or page by page changes would be very helpful. Or a way to pause accessibar from making changes. I think the color pallet is too limited. More colors for backgrounds like beige, almond, antique white, and anti-flash white for example would be nice.