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  • Just to let people know, just go to about:config and change dom.event.contextmenu.enabled to False and websites can No Longer Block Right Click.

    i would hope that the extension developer doesn't delete this comment as i still gave you 5 stars, plus an extension like this should be for people who is scared to mess with anything in about:config or just doesn't know about it.
  • Very Good for pirating copyrighted texts. OwO
  • Endlich ein sehr wirksames, kleines, effizientes Tool, Ressourcen schonend und nur mit den essentiellen Berechtigungen ausgestattet, das die meisten Rechts-Click-Probleme löst und Kontext-Menü-Optionen wieder freigibt. Danke.
  • it works exactly as offered, "Absolute"ly saved my life.

    would be nice if the options are enabled for all sites by default so user don't have to manually turn them on one-by-one when they visits a site with a protection.
  • good
  • A good extension. Gets the job done.
  • It works, thank you thank you thank you! After a maddening hour of Googling and playing fruitlessly with about:config, this finally, blessedly works. It would be nice if I could set the add-on permanently enabled for all sites, but oh well.