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  • This add-on is nice, but it's kind of annoying having to disable it when I'm not using it, as it slows my download speed so much. If I had to restart Firefox every time I wanted to use this add-on, I would have given it a one star review.

  • After troubleshooting with Time Warner discovered it was only Firefox that was eating 15Mb/s speed. Adding Add-ons back one by one discovered it was this add-on that was the problem. Now I have gone from 11.38 Mb/s back to 32.00+ Mb/s for my wired Arris modem/router. As this computer was a direct connect to the Internet without a firewall (for testing).
    Either the code is not working or it has a hitchhiker with it?
    Testing was done with a complete restart for each Add-On

  • 2.3

  • Very impressive

  • I have installed about 20 add-ons and Firefox uses up to 300MB on startup. If I disable all add-ons it is around 140MB. This add-on unfortunately tells me nothing about these 160MB difference.

  • Finally I can see clearly which add-on uses how much memory.

  • Helped me pick which addons to prune out.

    A note about a disparity between what this reports as the total memory usage and what the OS tells you. This, being embedded into firefox has no way to know how much ram is being used by the process by libraries linked at runtime (.so and .dll). Only the operating system can know this, and even then, if the library is shared, it will report that ram as being in use more than once. There is no misrepresentation here. Also, take a look at the bottom of the report:

    "This only includes frontend code that has locations tagged, just like any other add-on. Not included is any web content (web sites, images, etc.)"

  • Says firefox is using a total of 177.87 MB when task manager reports 950mb. Way off

  • add other plugins (flash, java, unity etc) and scripts (greasemonkey)

  • Works Great in Firefox 37 soooo why the yellow review ? I actually think this should be part of Firefox.

  • This is a nice little extension that is good at extending the "task manager" capabilities offered by standard Firefox.

    It works exactly as intended.

  • Пишу в адресную строку about:addons-memory и нажимаю перейти - а Firefox сразу же выключается. Не получилось попробовать, а вед так хотелось(

  • Useful for addons testers/users.
    Ironically, after main firefox process, this addon is 2nd in the list usage =)

  • Nice, addon, does exactly what it says, would be cool to have something like a menu entry but that's just a minor thing and no reason to lower the rating. Big plus is that it is restartless, so one can easily switch it on and off cause there is no reason to run it constantly.

    Funny result, about:addons-memory is at number three in the list above Stylish, Greasemonkey and Adblock in my setup only beaten by NoScript and Pale Moon :D

  • and the addons id! super!

  • Excellent job! is there a way of assigning a hotkey to this?

  • Thanks

  • I would not want to be without this add-on. On command, it instantly will display a complete list of each one of my 27 active add-ons and the statistical real-time memory consumption of each one of the add-ons. Many thanks to Developer Nils Maier for version 10.

    Platform (updated 12/04/14): FF 34.0, about:addons-memory 10

  • Please update for FF 33+

  • Doesn't work on Firefox 33+.
    Please update.

  • It does what it says it does!
    Hopefully the'll be another one which does the same for the plugins, it's not always the addons who consume a lot of memory the plugins self use a lot of memory as wel.

  • Similar to what task manager is for Chrome. This is what firefox is lacking!! a must for firefox power user.

  • A lot more difficult to use than it should be. Not user friendly at all. No instructions on how to use the add-on either. Definitely wouldn't recommend this to anyone.

  • Nightly 34.0a1 20140726 ain't working, memory url stall with the spinner on.

  • This addon provides a convenient way to check if here are any memory leaks after disabling/removing a Restartless addon.