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  • Very useful, but not compatible with Firefox 57+, can you update it to support fresh Firefox versions? Or maybe some alternatives exists? Thanks!
  • Molto utile per risolvere il mio problema
  • El software es facil acceder o añader complementos para al PC.
  • ok
  • офигенно ничего не помогает загрузка не совместима класс ===работает
  • Works for the latest version(Nov. 2017) of Firefox for Android.
  • Goods
  • hi
    will you revive this addon? :)
  • hang on firefox 55.0.2
  • goodjob...
  • This Addon looks good, but what is the point when Firefox leaks around at 2GB memory usage, and about:addons-memory reports a memory usage of 70MB altogether?
  • Blagodarq
  • Jetzt schon eine gute Idee. Aber ich denke, da kommt noch mehr ... Danke!
  • Reported total memory: 35 MB

    At the same time windows task manager memory usage for Firefox: 1042 MB

  • Very useful! Thank you!
    Neat user interface.
  • Installed it. Pasted about:addons-memory into URL bar. Brings up invalid address page every time. Support page provides no guidance.
  • Useful
  • It's 23 August 2016 as I'm typing this, I'm on Firefox 48.0.1 on Windows 7, and this addon works.
  • New addon: about:addons-memory2016
  • Used to be very useful, but hasn't worked in months now, I'm assuming it's unmaintained.
  • It doesn't work at all. about:addons-memory in a new tab doesn't do anything.
  • last update is October 2014 !
    Should be removed
    Even 1 star is too much
  • This addon should be removed. It doesn't work at all. I try opening "about:addons-memory" in a new tab and NOTHING HAPPENS.
  • It does not work on Firefox 45. It looked like interesting...