"Save Page As" not working as expected Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I have been using Aardvark for a few days now, and I love it :)

I used to use FireBug to do the same thing, but Aardvark is great when I don't need a full-featured debugger and just want to trim the page back a bit.

One issue I'm having though-- I chop out the things I don't want, using the "r" hotkey, and they disappear... then I do a File, Save Page As..., but the page that gets saved is the original version of the page (before Aardvark-ing the crap out of it.) Also, doing a View, Page Source does not show any page elements removed.

So, in summary, Aardvark removes things from the page you're viewing, but Firefox's "Save Page As..." does not carry these changes over to the saved file. Can anyone else confirm this?

Firefox 3.6.12
Aardvark 3.0

@koyama: Try right-clicking the page and "Start Aardvark" first ;)