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  • Tested with Waterfox 56.0.4_4 on FreeBSD-CURRENT.

    I wondered whether the extension would work for Riot app, e.g. https://riot.im/develop/ … apparently not.
  • leider nicht mit den aktuellen Versionen kompatiebel
  • This addon has served its purpose very well over the years, but it is honestly time for some more updates. Firefox 25 is possibly making UI changes in preparation for the new Australis redesign. The impact is that this addon will be broken in future Firefox versions. Please fix this. Or 0 stars. Five stars when fixed. Thanks. I browsed on over to your blog and see you're active in the community, and since this addon's purpose is simple, there was no reason to update it for a long time. But with all the upcoming UX changes, it needs an update. Please I actually use this!
  • Works exactly as advertised!

    Fixes yet another issue Mozilla labeled as "WONTFIX" and basically punted to the community

    Wish list
    - enable Ctrl+L to display current URL? (Tricky? Firefox itself doesn't even display the current URL when Navigation Toolbar is disabled...) Workaround: Alt+T > I
  • Good!
  • This add-on makes App Tabs to tabs containing an app. You shouldn't need the navigation of your browser in an app. Thank you!
  • Lovely little add-on as all say. I disagree with some people wanting space inserted between tabs and window though - what a waste, unless a 1p line. What I'd like to see is the ability to configure which URLs use the feature, regardless of whether app tab or not. for instance, you don't always want to keep a Google search tab open and and pinned as an app tab, but it would be great if when doing a search, the nav bar auto-hides, as who needs to see the search URL? Good work though.
  • Very nice and useful addon, do what it says. Good point if it can hide all bars (status bar etc) with navbar too.
  • I love the simplicity of this addon. You just install it and then forget about it.
  • Great addon, it would be better if toolbars show when you press alt along with menu bar
  • Unfortunately this addon hides the bookmarks toolbar as well. Since clicking on a bookmark doesn't reuse the app tab, I would like to show it and hide only the location bar. Would it be possible to allow users to select which of the bars should be hidden and which should not?
  • Did what it is supposed to do. Now my browser is almost perfect, thank you! [ Firefox 7.01 ]
  • There is no actual configuration, and it simply does not work. When I go to app tabs, the navigation bar is still there. Nothing changes.
  • I discovered this add-on completely by accident, but I'm happy I did. This should be a default feature! Since app tabs are about just that app, there's no need for navigation, so getting it out of the way is purely beneficial.
  • Just what I was looking for thank you :) My wife gets on the pc and either closes my app tabs or goes to the address bar and changes to facebook, then I have to re-due my app tabs :(


    This allows me to receive incoming calls from either Google Voice account as long as FireFox is open I ONLY WISH FOR ONE THING....a way to group my app tabs to separate them so they are more easily identifiable or maybe even name the app tab groups. Would be 5 stars if this add on had that feature :)
  • Awesome.
    There are some minor problems like working only with tabs on top and other toolbars being hidden. But still, awesome.
  • Does what it says well. Unfortunately, also hides all other tool bars. Specifically, it would be great to be able to see the bookmarks tool bar - clicking on those opens a new tab (unlike entering a URL in the address bar).
  • soon to become the standard UI for app tabs, i'm sure

    unpinning the tab, however, does not currently re-enable/re-show the URL bar
  • I installed the Tab Utilities Add-On (v1.0.5, https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/tab-utilities/) after Aaapptabs, and now I have to disable/enable Aaapptabs every time I restart my browser or the Navigation bar shows up in my AppTabs.

    I love this add-on but I wish there was some support for it!
  • Works very good.
    Jess: use https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/app-tab-initializer/
  • Just what I looking for :D.
    I wish every firefox addons and extensions have no need to restart like this one
  • 1st time I use this and it's excellent!!! thank you Felipc. I have one question...Is there a way to make those tabs that are pinned stay there permanently? that would be awesome!
  • Awesome!
  • No words needed.
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