37 reviews for this add-on
  • Awesome design. It's my favorite theme!

  • Awesome!

  • Love it, easy on the eyes feeling calm

  • Este tema es simplemente hermoso.

  • 简直不能更赞

  • Great Art!!

  • Love it!!!

  • The most very specific theme out there.

  • Beautiful and clean at the same time

  • It is unfortunate that it is not compatible with Thunderbird 58.0b3, a pity

  • ist ok

  • excellent color

  • 非常好看

  • Easy to read tabs and a great theme. Love it!

  • This is the best firefox theme I've ever used...

  • 很好看

  • 视觉明亮不晃眼清新

  • Nice color. Blends seamlessly with the toolbar.

  • This is one of a very few themes that both look great and don't mess with the visibility of the tab and bookmark names. Great job! I love it.

  • Дуже крутий колір в стилі сепія.

  • Hermoso y no molesta la navegacion

  • Под чертежи Леонардо да Винчи.

  • Nice work

  • The colours and design are beautiful but yet not distacting. It is never in the way of any information and to me it is the natural colour of firefox.

    I have been using this one and only theme for about five years. It is amazing, there is no other theme I would rather use and is the first thing i add every time I have to reinstall firefox, even before adblock.

  • Eu uso esse tema a mais de dois anos. Com certeza é o melhor tema! (Portuguese)

    I use this theme for more than two years. Certainly is the best theme! (English)

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