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  • love this add on..been using it for years..not compatible with FF29.. can you update please?
  • I like this theme, but saw that it was not supposed to work on my platform; i.e. openSUSE 13.1 & firefox 28. I decided to try it anyway. I simply ignored the the warnings about not working and installed it. It works well and looks great.

  • Sorry, but adress bar shakes in ff 13.0.1
  • so fun...........
  • Only a little issue on XP SP3, FFox3: the titles on the tabs bar are not well adjusted to the title-space.

    But it's a plenty of joy theme! :-)
    Thanks for the review.Firefox 3 is no longer supported.I moved to Firefox 4.There are few more things which I have to fix but this is going to happen sometimes in the near future.
  • 与我来说完全是糟糕透了!我用的xp,在安装了这个主题过后firefox打开速度变得非常慢!我觉得不适合firefox4,一点都不兼容,我就只得取消全部个人设置重新安装!
  • Well, this is kinda cute.
  • I like this one. It is so cute, and I love cute things that make my computer/laptop cute and mine.
  • It's my favorite from now on...
  • I love this theme. It has varied colors of orange, yellow, green and purple. The best part is you can read the fonts and the added toolbar text show up great in the yellow cloring and black font. It also is so cheerful.
  • Great theme works with all my add-ons such as colorful tabs, thanks for the update. Only one small issue, when you select a download from the downloads window (Ctrl+J), the file is highlighted in yellow with white text, don't know if it is an add-on that is doing that or if that is a bug. Check it out and thanks for the hard work!!!
  • I love the colors that were used in the design
  • I'm a big kid (40s) and I love this colourful theme. So glad you were able to get permission from the original author to bring this theme to us, thank you so much.

    The theme installed without any issues, and I have not run into any bugs so far. My only minor gripe is that the colour of the Stop toolbar icon is pretty close to the colour of the toolbar background. I love the bold fonts in the address and search bars. Great theme!
  • This has been my favorite theme since Netscape 3.0 I'm glad its back, thank you. Do you think make one for Thunderbird
    I hope you can. thanks again. John
  • Love the colour but back and other buttons are not showing. Also my bookmarks are going in and out and its driving me mad. Ater 5 hours have given up , any ideas,
    Please email me a screen shot of the problem to whitebluepc@abv.bg or visit the support page http://jivkosfirefoxthemes.forumotion.com/forum.htm
  • I'm a fan of this theme from the beginning, in Netscape but I have found a important bug in it: Firefox is unable to make searches in the current page. Try pressing Control+F to reproduce it.
    I hope you fix the bug as soon as possible. Congratulations, developers!.
  • Love it!!! thanks!
  • Well this 40 something kid loves it. I'm so tired of grey and blue!!! This lovely colorful theme is just what I've been looking for.
    Thanks for all your hard work.
  • I'm a 56 year old normal male,or so i've been told,so the thought of writing a gushing fanboy review to firefox was always the furthest thing form my mind.I've always been impressed by the innovation abstract leaps of thought shown by the designers and their obvious artistic skills and flair used in their designs,but this theme truly makes me happy each and every time i open the browser.The colours,the lack of pretension,the sheer joy that it seems to impart with each glance.Its difficult for me to retain my piss off days for very long when i'm working with this.Computers should be fun as well as useful and this is i believe an excellent merging of the two states of mind.Big congrats to the designer.I wish sales and marketing along with stylists took themselves a little less seriously and gambled with comcepts as fun as this.Well this is my first and i suspect only letter that i will write unless someone feels such as myself and designs another app as useful and harmonious as this.5 out of five with a bonus!!!!
    I like to thank you all for the great words.I still haven't got answer from the creator.If he wants this theme to be removed it will be removed.I hope that he'll answer me soon.
  • Works great for me. Very nice work.
  • I like it but.. i'm afraid there is a conflict by using this theme with the "find" option (Ctrl+F) it doesn't work!
    when i switch to other theme is working fine :S
    otherwise very nice, ear candy theme..
  • What a fun theme. Finally, someone with a light sense of humor.

  • I like it. the icons are large and easy to see and use..the colors are bright and cheerful. the font is distinct and easy to read and large enough for me to be comfortable with. all in all..a very nice theme
  • LOVE IT, Im a fan since Netscape 7!
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