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  • I like the difference in the color, good distraction to look at when I'm trying to figure out problems.
  • i love this theme, my paintball and air soft team colors are black and green.
  • Once I installed this theme, I've a problem with LastPass, name of Group field in "Edit Site Information" wasn't displayed though it was chosen
    The same goes with Red, Blue version

    And can you design icons for three buttons (Add-ons - Appearance; MultiPanel, Page Info) in All-in-One Sidebar add-on?

    Sorry for my lame English!
  • THANKS!!!
  • For some reason, my minimize, maximize, and close buttons don't show up in the top-right corner. Other than that, it looks really good.
    I think I know where the problem is.I'll see what I can do.
  • I love this theme, you just really need to do something about the black background. Maybe make it gray.
  • This Is A Awesome Theme. It's The Color Of My Air Soft, And Paintball Team I'm The Founder And CEO Of. 5 Stars!
  • This theme was working good, until I found the major problem with it.
    When filling out fields such as Boookmark Name, the background AND lettering are black, making what you type unreadable!

    I personally can't use it.
  • I really like it overall. Just a couple things annoy me:
    1. The only way to distinguish the tab in focus from other tabs is the red x for close, and sort of by the bold text. Maybe make it glow?
    2. Google Toolbar doesn't work well, because the typing/search window text is very dim. Address and Search bars are nice and bright in Firefox itself - not sure how you'd address this.

    Like I said though - overall it's great, and I'm using it now, and I like it.
  • Works great for me on Vista, OS X, and Ubuntu.
  • sweet theme!!!!
  • Excellent theme! Thanks for updating this so fast.
  • some text is white but still it's a nice effort, thank you
  • I like it every thing is clear can say any wrong about it :P thanks
  • Love it, keep updating it!
  • Thanks Evgeniev, very good matrix style theme
  • how do you uninstall it? i've tried all i know to do.
  • Wow.. J.Evgeniev has some very nice themes... Nice work !!!!
  • I 'updated' again and now this theme is available for me to use. I won't update again, So I will have it...Green and black, my two favorite colors..
  • Can anyone tell me what's going on with the Firefox themes page? I keep being told to upgrade my version of Firefox as lots of themes are not compatible...I'm using the latest version 3.5.4......it even says that this lovely green theme is not compatible....I've been using it for three months now.....ANYONE ?
  • Awesome theme. Colours work really well together. Green and black has always been my favourite.
  • Thank you for not messing this theme up, like you did with the orange one. This is a good update whereas the orange one was totally UGLY !!
  • This has been my favorite theme of all time for FF. The support you give it is amazing to brother. Just got the update and, hard as it is to believe, you actually made the perfect theme better!!! You are awesome dude. Your work is very much appreciated.