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  • Remember The Milk is a great task list manager, with excellent sharing features and a powerful query facility. But the UI could use some improvement. A Bit Better RTM goes a long way towards closing this gap. Very thoughtfully designed, and it's truly impressive what the developer has been able to accomplish with CSS and scripting!

    One issue I would like to report with Ctrl-M: It allows moving tasks to Smart Lists, as well as regular task lists. The task will be stored locally, showing the smart list as its assigned list, but it's not visible when the smart list is displayed. When I subsequently refresh the browser, causing a re-sync with RTM, the task disappears. I have made this mistake a few times.

    Please note that I am using the chrome plugin, not the firefox version.
  • I discovered it when I was looking for a way to hide lists and find it awesome :)
    My suggestions:
    - add a keyboard shortcut for the "more options" dropdown (like in GMail)
    - let Shift+j/k work for tabs on the Settings page as well, they use the same shortcut as lists do by default (Ctrl+Shift+Left/Right)
  • Great add-on, but I believe that it needs to be updated for Firefox 22.

    Edit: The release works perfectly with Firefox 23; thanks!
    Thanks a lot for your feedback!

    Latest version of the add-on is awaiting full review. It can be downloaded here https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/a-bit-better-rtm/versions/?page=1#version-
  • Awesome! Just the kind of boost RTM needed to me :)
  • The original gm script doesn't work, but this one works smoothly. A bit better than the Chrome version.
  • Hi, This extension works on and off for me. I have the same problem as Luke Shenefield in that the add list button keeps adding itself to the page, as well as the "move to" box keeps popping up on my screen in front of my list. This would be a great extension if it worked. I was even going to switch to chrome just so i could use this extension, but google chrome is short changed with no toolbar as good as my firefox one.
    I wanted to give you a screenshot of exactly what happens. Every time a list is loaded it adds another "+ add list" button beside the list of lists. It keeps adding these across the page and then starts another line of "+ add list" buttons. So every time i want to look at a different list it adds a new "+ add list" button. Makes my organsing tool look very ugly. Plus the move to pop up is annoying too. WOuld love a fix!
  • As a big fan of the android app I always wished the browser interface was a bit easier to use in particular moving tasks between lists is messy. However this add-on makes the web interface much easier to use, I really like the ability to drag tasks to other lists and the list of tasks down the left hand side is better than the tab "buildup" I was getting at the top of screen.

    Highly recommended
  • Perhaps I'm missing something? The features list looks great, the reviews are great, but when I installed this it didn't work and an "+Add List" button kept popping up, again and again, so there are "+Add List" button rows all over the screen. What am I doing wrong if so many people like this?
  • This is a great set of features and functionality. Nice job, especially now that it's an add-on with a config interface (I only turn on the "unique url" option).

    I notice that with Firefox 3.6.13 (Mac) clicking on a list tab does not always populate all the tags in the list, until clicking a second time. I'm not sure if that something to do with the reorder tabs by dragging.

    Otherwise, I'm very happy to have the unique url function. Just must take care to remember that if you move the task to another list (or complete it), it gets an new url.

    Thanks for your great work!
  • very useful. great improvement to RtM. cleaner and more usable.
  • I like the clean feel to the alterations.

    Well done. I'd be surprised if the RTM guys did not incorporate some of this in their base code.
  • Fantastic add-on. Thank you
  • Excellent, it works very well. It'll be perfect if having a shortcut to go to tag:)
  • I have been using the Bit Better RTM Greasemonkey script for quite some time and I am very pleased to see an extension now. It works great.

    However, I am using Prism and it seems that I can't get the task dragging-and-dropping to move to a new list to work.
  • RTM makes gmail seem a little less evil

    ActiveInbox, firefox extension greyware (upselling), https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/3209/ , is nipping at RTM toes.. beware but be not afraid

    competition is good for the f/OSS free market ;) But upselling greyware will die in the the light of mozilla community

  • A fantastic improvement to Remember the Milk. This does the things that I wish RTM had done, particularly the added key strokes.
  • Cute add-on.
    Useful improvement could be to actually open a calendar if the user clicks on the calendar icon next to Due date.
  • _Very_ good… just one thing is desperately missing: a way to auto-select the newly-created task… so that one can actually set its details without having to manually select it.

  • Great add-on!
  • Very nice addon
  • Fantastic. This add-on resolves most of my RTM frustrations! Great work!
  • This is great!! For months I have been trying to get RTM to work for GTD. I have tried a lot of different configurations but all of them had big problems. I considered writing a monkyscript to fix some of the issues, but then I found your add-on. It makes RTM a great platform for GTD. I especially like the drag and drop reordering of lists.

    Thanks for the GREAT add-on
  • I'm really enjoying this add-on. Do you have any plans to make one for Chrome?
    Thanks again!
    I've prepared Chrome version of the extension. You can download it here - https://chrome.google.com/extensions/detail/glcdefibajbglmeelclffdbakgjjjopc
  • This extension was essential for me to use RTM as a system for Getting Things Done. The developer is also very quick to respond to questions and bugs.
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