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  • Thank you for this add-on.

  • Make my firefox cleaner :)

  • seems to work really well, and frees up space at the bottom of the screen. thumbs up on this one.

  • Could you possibly make an option to switch it to a dark theme? like on your user styles version, which doesn't seem to be working quite as well as the add on version.

  • Installed and wowed. I've been using Barlesque and trying a few Userstyles for a long while, none have been working /looking well. I missed your gorgeous userstyle /addon in the time since I've last checked. ABFAB is incredible. Perfection? Style #5 preferred. Highly recommended, and thank you very much xjcontrerasx.

  • Thanks a lot. You have solved my problem.

    Developer response

    Glad I could help, thanks for the positive feedback.

  • I love this add-on because I hate seeing the entire add-on bar.

    The two things I would like to see:
    - Ability to choose left/center/ride position
    - Sidebar

  • Great add on. The only minor disadvantage is that when I minimize firefox (to half of the computer screen) the pop-up Add on bar covers the bottom of the firefox screen so I cant see or tough the horizontal scroll bar (it hides horizontal scroll bar),

    Making this to one button with a vertical vertical tree/ table view not covering/ overlapping the scroll-bar would solve the inconvenience.

  • Superb. Clears up so much unused space.

    Especially that now search bar and addon bar fit on each others side.

  • Great: I'm using windows 7 and fx 10: atrl+f is working for me: maybe its an incompatibility with another add-on?
    It isn't always easy to access the add-on bar, maybe if it was touch the bottom of the taskbar? i know that is probably impossible, but if it is possible, it would be great :)

  • Great. I replaced barlesque. Minor annoyance: breaks the "inspect element" feature of firefox (the bottom information line is not visible). It seems that the "inspect element" bottom line aligns itself to the status bar and is somehow not able to locate it, or maybe this extension here moves the status bar beyond screen.

  • "Barlesque" is way more featureful. But it's not restartless as this add-on.

  • It's very nice,but I hope author can support Download Statusbar Fullmoden.

    thank you!

  • make auto-hide optional?

  • Very useful and look clearly.

    Need improve:
    - Always show mode as optional
    - Set show/hide by press CTRL+ /
    - URL when mouse hover is on bottom-right of screen (when search box is shown), need URL on top of search box
    - [Bug] When search text, hilight text is behind search box

  • Дополнение конфликтует с Download Statusbar

  • Wow thanks! Was so sick of looking at that annoying (but much needed) status bar.

  • Definitely helps to clean up Firefox's appearance.

    Could use some minor improvement though - I can't click on anything that happens to be part of a web page in the bottom right corner (ie, Gmail Tasks, Facebook Chat, etc...). Perhaps a hotkey to make it appear instead of mouse over?

  • This is a well implemented add-on which only reveals the add-on bar (formerly known as the status bar) icons when hovering the mouse over the bottom right area of the Firefox window.

    It would be nice if it did not disable the existing keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+/).

  • I still cann't find a solution from your article. So I decide to use the userstyle instead.However, it seems to be incompatible with the style inspector in Firefox 10(App button -- web developer -- inspector). The inspector panel disappers when I inspect an element in any page.

  • Do what exactly what I want to do. Thank you!

  • Cette application est excellente, elle permet d'avoir en permanence la barre de modules affichée sans pour autant perdre de place sur l'écran, elle n'apparait que si on veut s'en servir. J'espère que ce module rencontrera le succès qu'il mérite.

  • Hi there: I cannot install this addon since I'm getting an error message: A better firefox addon bar cannot be installed because Firefox cannot modify the needed file.

  • My misreading or not, I was surprised with what this add-on did. It hides the Add-on Toolbar until you mouse over the lower-right corner. (I think the description should be more accurate and have contacted the author so, by the time you read this it may be fixed and you'll just wonder "What was he thinking?")

    I only like to hide things that I don't use very often. I view the add-ons toolbar as a status bar so I want access to often and simply. I also have a 17" monitor on my laptop with great resolution so the few extra lines the add-on toolbar uses doesn't bother me.

    So I have uninstalled this add-on.

    That being said, I know that there are other users who like to hide and unhide parts of the browser's UI automatically. If you're one of those users, I think this is a great add-on.

    While it didn't do something I liked, everything about it, including the external website, felt professional and skillful.

    I have my searchbar in my add-on bar and this add-on didn't seem to deal with that well,

    Overall impression: 5 stars
    Search bar problem -1 star
    Restartless add-on: +1 star (I love restartless add-ons, I always add 1-star for them).

    If you like this UI model, IMO, you can't go wrong with this add-on.

  • Works great ,Just what i have been looking for ,Thanks for a great extension