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  • The Add-on bar was moved to share the line with the menu button (3 lines) and the Awesome Bar. This hasn't been updated and consequently does nothing.

  • it does nothing

  • This add-on makes ALL your add-on bars/ status bar disappear

  • Bummer. Installing this made the Addon Bar disappear using FF 28.0.

  • In the new Firefox 29 (Australis UI) you can restore the add-on bar using an extension like "Classic Theme Restorer" or "New Add-on bar". However, this extension will not work with them.

    Hope the developer updates it, but in most likelihood he abandoned this extension a long time ago (>year since last update).

    Oh well... :(

  • Please, please make this work with The Addon Bar (Restored). This is an awesome add-on!

  • This is the best ever!!

  • really nice.

  • Very Cool Extension!

  • This add-on is one of my favorites, but there are a few things I'd like to see.

    1. Location I've changed it manually myself but a GUI to do it would be great for everyone.
    2. Ghosting shortcut key to click through it if necessary, which it is sometimes.
    3. Non active transparency settings which I've managed to alter myself, but a GUI would be nice. :)
    4. Stat based groups to sort by usage.
    5. Skinnable background.

    Even without it's still a 5* add-on that everyone should use.

    -Drew valhalla@live

  • I just wanted to slap the Add-on Bar for being Neanderthal. Happy to come to addons.mozilla.org and find the Better Add-on Bar (or, "Better Bar").

    I didn't want the Add-on Bar to take up real estate, but it never stayed hidden because I kept opening it to fiddle with it.

    Now, when I'm done playing, the Better Bar disappears as soon as I mouse away. Comes back again with a mouse wave in the lower-right corner of the window.

    I find Better Bar also delivers some housekeeping. It squeezes all its icons to the right side, and only displays a bar wide enough to hold the icons.

    You can customize the Better Bar by moving any icons that are moveable, although the old-fashioned, unmovable ones don't become moveable in Better Bar; too bad.

    You can add spaces from the Customize Toolbar window to the Better Bar, if giving the icons some elbow room improves the appearance for you. But when you mouse-up to the Customize Toolbar window [full of icons and Spaces], the next step would be to grab a Space and drag it down to the Better Bar. Except that when you mouse-up to grab the Space, the Better Bar disappears, and when you drag your space back down to the bottom-right of the window, the Better Bar doesn't reappear, so you can't deposit the space that you're dragging. So, that method doesn't work.

    The answer is to [temporarily] Disable the Better Bar in the Add-on Manager, display the traditional Add-on Bar [with Ctrl-Slash as necessary], bring down a few spaces from the Customize Toolbar window into the Add-on Bar, and then re-enable the Better Bar. Then, when you open the Better Bar, you'll see the extra spaces your brought down, which you can then move around.

    It would help if I could attach a graphic or two. Y'know what I mean?

    In summary, it was just a skinny Add-on Bar, but it's been nice with it gone from the screen since installing the Better Bar a day ago. I only had to move one gizmo from the Better Bar to the Menu Bar so it wouldn't disappear, but I also moved at least a few icons from the Menu Bar and the Navigation Bar down to the Better Bar where I don't mind not seeing them continuously.

    It's still a problem that some add-on icons crowd into the right corner of the add-on bar (or Better Bar) and can't be rearranged or have spaces inserted between them. According to what some guys are saying in forums.add-ons.mozilla, the problem is that some add-on programmers haven't updated their programming since Mozilla changed the Status Bar to an Add-on Bar, and the result is that their icons are stuck in the corner and un-customizeable. Now, when I review an add-on, I will make sure to mention if the icon is either customizeable or immobile.

  • This is great, I love it, but it seems to block Download Statusbar from popping up/showing at the bottom of the screen. Is there any way to fix this? If it wasn't for that this'd be five stars easy.

  • can you add option to set some
    icon unhidden ?

  • Ok, I have to say this. It is incredible that at this point the add on bar doesn't autohide by default in firefox. Just for doing an extension with that feature I'll give my five stars (with pleasure). It still have to be improved, for instance adding customizing options (custom positioning and styles would be awesome), and also making possible to update the bar when you add a new add-on (you have to restart the complement until now). Keep it rocking!

  • i mean, i like it - but - when i want to further customize,or add stuff to the add-on bar - this extention has to be disabled then re-enabled.
    its a big bug in my opinion

  • I have no long term experience with this add on, so I don't know any bugs.

    But it gets 4 stars for it's basic functionality (mouse over fade in a size reduced add on bar). Great.

  • I like it; it stopped McAfee from forcing the Add-on bar upon me every time I opened firefox. Thank you!

  • As the title says, it was great for reclaiming some screen real-estate. But due to an unrelated issue where I had to reinstall my profile, it no longer wants to work on the latest Pale Moon variant of Firefox.
    Hope this gets resolved soon.

  • Great add-on, but please include some configurable delay or some hotkey for disable it: it's really common to see links on the bottom right (eg: gmail chat)

  • Extremely useful add-on for netbook users like me.

    The only thing, I would really like add-on bar to appear on top-right side, under Bookmarks bar. Is there a way to implement this by editing some add-on files?

  • Installed and uninstalled after two hovers. Not that good. Prefer to see the add-ons bar all the time. Cant rearrange the icons. No point to having it.

    Developer response

    Hi there, sorry to see you go; although you can change the sort order by default, just right click on Firefox's top bar area and click "Customize", then simply hover down to the area of the add-on bar in the bottom right corner.

    For the other versions, such as seeing the add-on bar all the time, please see: http://userstyles.org/styles/55623/firefox-better-add-on-bar-status-bar
    Regards ;)

    P.S. This add-on uses pure CSS to do the magic.

  • 非常好的东西!

  • This is a good idea for a cleaner add-on bar, but I absolutely detest the fact that the "hover to fade-in" effect cannot be disabled or tweaked in any way. I have different add-ons in this bar that I must always have an eye on. So this is not for me. Too bad though, because it looks nice.

  • Thank you! This is a great addition to the FF add-on galaxy! Other users have commented on two irritating behaviors still present in v1.2 that could likely be addressed through an update. If they were, I believe your add-on might become "legendary" in the Firefox Pantheon.

    1. A configurable hot-key to toggle the bar on/off.
    2. A configurable delay so FF's bottom row can be selected. During the delay, if the left mouse button is pushed the bar would be suppressed.

    Also, I would welcome an "on bar" button to access the add-on's options popup.

  • great work! but it needs an option for left bottom corner hover. userstyle version has the same problem.