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One of the reasons that this addon is not working for some people is that the tweaks it adds to about:config are specific to the developers system. Therefore as long as your system is similar enough to the developer's then it will work. (i.e., ISP's bandwidth, network card speed, other hardware specs aren't all that important unless drastically different on the lower end etc...).'

I may be wrong about the addon maybe it does a quick bandwidth check and then crosses that with users hardware specs and general ratings then calculates optimal values for them. But from what I have read I am guessing that it is the former not the latter.

Anyway note to the developer, if you want to add further functionality you could have the addon either auto check or use user input for specific fields like bandwidth, sys specs etc... and then use your baselines for those inputs to tweak the config accordingly.

From a programming nub

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it is based on the settings you choose, but even if you don't fiddle with it is next to to set up on 2x it will slow you down however if your isp has a thread limiter the phone you wound need to custom some settings grab,