Great QR addon Rated 5 out of 5 stars

After adding the link/picture QR options, it has everything a QR generator should have, with one major difference - it is the only one that works offline and doesn't require connecting to Google's or other services.
One minor issue is that it is larger in size than its counterparts, probably due to its offline functionality, but I guess it's also due to its "restartless" nature - almost all the restartless addons I've seen are significantly larger than their older brethren... cannot something be done about this???
Finally, in answer to a previous review - you CAN create QR for arbitrary text: you can enter any text in any textbox on a page, select it and its QR will be shown. This is just a workaround, it would be nice feature to have dedicated textbox by the addon, but it's doable.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Yup, would do that

v0.9.2 has a text box for this functionality below the code. You can also open in a new tab to have a larger text area (using resize handle in the textarea). The UI is quite clunky. I definitely need some feedback/suggestion to make that better.For the size, I think it's because currently the addon-sdk libraries (js files) are packaged with the addon package. Hopefully, this should make addon sdk based addons lighter :)