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  • Critical add-on for me and one of the main reasons I don't upgrade to FF 57. Too bad is not available anymore for new versions of FF.
  • UPDATE June 2018: Since this is not being updated for the latest FF versions, I have had to dump Firefox and switch to Opera.
    (All other browsers, Chrome, Edge etc do not handle bookmarks in the same way as 2 Pane Bookmarks or Opera)
    I totally rely on this addon - it is the only way to organise 100's of bookmarks.
    FF57 onwards has made it incomptaible (of course) and I am so desperate that I've disabled FF updates just to prevent 2 Pane Bookmarks being removed.
    Developer - please, please consider updating this add-on. There is no other equivalent for FF so you have a captive market.
  • 素晴らしい!Firefoxを使い続けたいただ一つの理由です。
  • このアドオンが使えなくなってから、ずいぶん月日が過ぎ、ず〜と待っている状態です。なんとか、現行verで動作するように開発をしていただけないでしょうか。こんなに役に立つものはありません。よろしくお願いいたします。
  • 通常、ブックマークを複数のフォルダで複数の階層で管理している場合、フォルダを開くとブックマークがどんどん長くなってします。しかし、この拡張機能を導入すれば、フォルダと中身の表示が別々になるため、ブックマークを管理しやすくなります。

  • 2 Pane Bookmarks, die beste Erweiterung für den Firefox, hoffentlich ist sie, die Erweiterung auch noch zu Firefox 57 kompatible.
  • Please update this for Firefox 57, that is if FF57 can support it. This is about the only addon I really NEED ported to webextensions. It makes browsing from bookmarks so incredibly intuitive and convenient! Thank you for all the updates in XUL.
  • I do not want repeat all the good reviews. This bookmark manager is phantastic!!!
    And I hope, an update to Firefox 57+ is possible!!!!
  • I use this a lot, really. Mostly when "bookmarks" are in the side-pane.
    I started structuring the bookmarks in folders, and 2Pane just lets me visualise the CONTENT of such folder when only clicking the folder name.
    I am a bit worried though, as (newer versions of) FireFox starts labeling this extension as "outdated" (or obsolete?)
    warning that in the foreseeable future fireFox will "change the way plugins work"
    Will this one be re-written ?
    Maybe that's a lot of work ( IANA programmer ) , and maybe it would help to start a kind of fundraiser.
    Yes everybody frowns over "paying for something" , but if I'd know how the developer would be needing to "update this to the new structure", I think it'd be worth to have it updated (instead of needing a crash course in FireFox development, analyse what this really does, get a few pals together to organise a re-write : I'm not even sure I have pals who would do it, or who could, let alone do this by myself.

    that worry aside (it might just stop working?)
    This really IS a good thing to have. Only realised it's real potential quite late, but it is there.
  • Sometimes I am unable to right-click a bookmark or a folder and get the context menu. So I can't rename the bookmark or the folder. Nor do any of the other things in the context menu. Also, I use this with "All-in-One Sidebar". Normally, clicking on any folder in the sidebar opens or closes it. No need to use the tiny arrow to do so. But until I chose the option "Expand sub-trees normally" that ability became inconsistent. Sometimes I want to see the full list of bookmarks in a folder. I wish I could click on the middle bar to expand it all the way to the top. And to click it again to toggle it back down to its previous position.
  • Like I wrote in my previous post today, it seems that I could make the addon work with the current version of Pale Moon 27.0.3 by hacking your install.rdf file in the XPI.
    I also have to admit that my hack is a bit dirty because I just changed "em:minVersion" from 38.0 to 27.0, and I don't really know if your addon would work with Pale Moon versions from 27.0 up or just with the current 27.0.3.

    So, if you have the time, could you verify if your addon does work indeed with PM and change the install.rdf file accordingly if it does?

    I guess that would be very much appreciated by us lowly Lucid Lunar aficionados. ;-)
  • if you have "Sidebar Bookmark Selector" add-on enabled, it will not show any bookmarks, disable it. This is an essential add-on for me, great work!!!
  • A very simple but useful addon. Well I don't know whether or not it is simple to make, but it does make going through bookmarks quite a bit easier.
  • I went to the link below that CookyHR showed and got the latest version of this addon. It works with Pale Moon's most recent release v26.0.3.
  • Yes, it works with the update not signed. Thanks a lot
  • It works with the way mentioned below. I hope verified version come soon.
  • I use this addon since a long time, unfortunately it doesn't work since Firefox 44.0
  • This is a great feature , it does however not work in Firefox 44Beta 4. I hope that there will be a fix for this soon.
  • I've been using this addon for years, and it's the most convenient addon to view your bookmarks in the sidebar. This addon has always worked flawlessly for me, even now in Firefox 41.0.1.

    Thank you for this addon.
  • For any of the piro's add-ons get the latest versions from here

    piro. sakura. ne. jp/xul/xpi/nightly
  • Another book mark addon that I really want to work and does noting version of Firefox is 39.0 Please fix thank you. I'll check back later.
  • Works perfectly. I am disabled so my mousing is a bit wobbly. Chasing the folder and sub-folders sideways to get to a bookmark was difficult and extremely frustrating. Simple clicks now take me right to my desired bookmark.
  • As a previous major Opera user, I VERY MUCH appreciate this add-on. It works as stated, which is one of the biggest compliments I have.
  • right click menu works for me! This add on is one of my 10 favourites
  • With this addon the right click menu in the bookmarks pane does not work anmore. This makes it unusable for me.