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  • I like the extended forecast display I put in the menu bar, but when I mouse click a day to see the complete forecast, the wrong day is presented. I think this started with FF 12 (Using silverhawk's version). The click seems to present the forecast for the day two days ahead no matter the day selected. The menu bar forecast is correct for the future days.

  • Thanks, Bill - saw the change you made - I think since FF has development versions out to ~17 (based on bugs I have filed with Bugzilla), I'm wondering if the max-version parameter can be pushed out that far?

  • Thanks to Silverhawk, 1-Click is now running on my Firefox 12, Mac OS X. Have to do this extra step every time Firefox sends an upgrade. Weather in status bar is usually the first thing I look at when starting up.
    Silverhawks download is available at: https://rapidshare.com/files/2557435918/1-clickweather-

  • Thanks to Silverhawk for the download location. This is without a doubt the best Weather add-on. I just wish they'd do an official update! Obviously there's not a ton that needs to be done to maintain compatibility since users have been kind enough to do it for the rest of the community.

  • Silverhawk- you might consider uploading that file to rapidshare dot com. It's free and a lot easier to retrieve. Wupload emailed me and told me I had to pay and join to get the file which I know is wrong. I finally got it off of my old harddrive. Love the program and the fix works perfectly. Thanks!

  • @LukeBK and silverhawk --

    Finally, I was able to dl the new version from the website.

    I had to right-click on the page where the download is and select "View Page Info". Once that opened, I went to the "Permissions" tab and changed "Open Pop-up Windows" from Block to Allow. Then, Immediately I was able to dl the new 1-ClickWeather App!!

    So, LukeBK, you might want to try what I did. Hope it works for you.

    And, again, KUDOS to you, silver hawk!!!

  • This stinks there has been no update for very very very long time what's going on weather channel ? You know firefox is now 10.0

  • Thank you Silverhawk. I have been putting off updating my browser because I am so lost without my status bar weather. You are a rock star!

  • Thank you Silverhawk for taking the time to do the program modifications.
    I just installed it on FF 10.0.1 and it seems to work as it always has.
    If you decide to put it in the status bar be sure to turn the status bar on in the "Toolbars" menu. Don't ask me how I know that. :>)

  • Look forward to the FF 10.0 update. Its hard to be without this app

  • Actually, I could live with AniWeather as a second choice, but 1-click Weather is the best for me - It's the fastest and easiest to use, and I also would like TWC to make this an easier upgrade.. The download and install went just fine again, thanks to Silverhawk.

  • - thanks Silverhawk > was able to get the update file from from wUpload

    - sorry for the pain.

    - ebill

  • Any chance a update for newer versions of Firefox will be available? This is a great add on but I have version 9.01 and can no longer use this add on. Please help..))

  • Silverhawk, you're the man! Thanks a million for your work

  • I have been using 1-Click Weather for years. Silverfox's continual efforts to keep it current and compatible with Firefox's upgrades have been a godsend. I thank you wholeheartedly!

  • Shame TWC doesn't seem to want to update. One star to The Weather Channel, and/or the original author(s) for slacking. 5 stars to the add on itself, and to Silverhawk, for linking an updated file which installs correctly.

    The modified .xpi file at the link below works fine. Probably just a quick re-package that modifies a single line of text which says "I can work with Firefox version 'x.123", haven't checked. Easier just to download, for now. Might get the time to experiment some day. It's a pretty easy edit of one text file, and then zipping the file, renaming to '.xpi' extension.

    Thanks "Silverhawk" - so dumb that this add on hasn't been "officially" updated. Glad you took the initiative and posted a link.

    Now, what would it take for this to simply be "official" so that others can seamlessly update??? If TWC is too lazy to modify ONE LINE OF TEXT, it's really just pathetic.

    I used the file linked here, thanks to Silverhawk, and had no problem - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=TCUGTUXT
    Simply dragged/dropped the .xpi file into Firefox, restarted, and set my settings. Worked just fine.

  • Those five stars ARE for you, because you have taken on a thankless task to keep alive an addon its creators have abandoned.

  • Thanks for the update, Silverhawk.
    I suggest adding "From the Firefox menu..." to the beginning of step 3 of your install instructions. For those of us accustomed to working with files from the windows file explorer, you can't just right click on the file and choose open - it doesn't work; nor does clicking on the downloaded file in the downloads list in Firefox.
    Works fine, and thanks again.

  • i dont know whay they are not updateing this themselves but thanks Silverhawk.

  • The Weather Channel should be paying you!

  • Thanks Silver! This is the only one i trust ! It's accurate, it's simple, it`s handy! Greatest respect for you and your work!

  • thanks Silverhawk! works great with FF 9.01

  • Thanks so much silverhawk for the working version! Love this add-on!

  • One of my favorite add-ons. Thanks for keeping this alive. I have one issue that's popped up lately. The current conditions refuses to update for me. It's constantly showing me the conditions from about a week ago. I installed the latest version from your web page today and still have the problem. I'm on Firefox 8.0. Any help or insight would be appreciated.

  • updated the rdf file to say 12.0 and it works again