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  • Does anyone have any fix for Firefox 46? It stopped working after I updated to version 46.....
  • Thank You, Smalldog64! I tried your method and it works in Windows 7 and Firefox 45. And of course, thanks again to you too, Silverhawk! Without your work, none of us would have a good weather add-on for Firefox.
  • I love 1-click weather. When I updated firefox to 43, it would not work, even though it is constantly updated. I went to about:config for firefox then to xpinstall.signatures.required and toggled it to false. 1-click is now still working but I don't know for how long. Also I still have xp so I don't know if it works for other systems.
  • It is 12/20/15 and although this add-on has been discontinued for some time, I was able to keep it working until today, when FF 43 installed itself. Now it won't work.

    I have tried quite a few of the other weather add-ons and I am surprised to say I have not found one that is even satisfactory, much less as good as this one is. 1-click weather allows a forecast of local weather on a daily basis at the end of your address bar, where it is always visible. Nothing else does that that I have found.

    I sure do wish someone would either update this add-on to allow for the required signatures, or create a new add-on based on the screen layout (at the end of the address bar - on all the time) that this one has.

    I think the new security features of Firefox are generally a step in the right direction, but the disabling of this particular add-on is a big loss.
  • In my opinion, 1 Clickweather is one of the best FF addons created and it's a shame it has been discontinued.

    Strangely, 1 ClickWeather works perfectly with FF 42.0 on a desktop still using Windows XP. I recall that a long time ago I made some changes suggested by Silverfox that enabled 1 ClickWeather to work with an older version of FF.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can use 1 ClickWeather on my laptop running Windows 8.1?
  • I've been babying mine along this long with just enough minor edits to keep the version from breaking it. Cross fingers, I'm trying to resubmit it and get it signed with those code changes but otherwise exactly as is.
  • 1-ClickWeather v1.1.9.4 is 'still' working on the latest version of Firefox (3.9). I have been using it since 2013!
  • Firefox...make this app compatible again!!
  • Perhaps whatever the programmers did that made it not work in some versions has been corrected? I don't know, but it works in Firefox 34.0.5. I stayed with FF 15 for a long time because I didn't want to lose 1-ClickWeather, but someone in my house (my GF, kids, etc.) updated it to FF 34 and it worked. So I am pleased... As a daily bicyclist, I use this add-on every day. Thanks again, Silverhawk!
  • Can someone write a review with a link to
    I don't mind keeping that file available somehow if I get it, but I'm still on
  • Just download Status-4-evar from the add-ons menu. Install the app and the weather is back in the status bar location!
  • Updated to Firefox 20 and was upset to see that 1-ClickWeather was gone again, but it's not. What is gone is the Status Bar. By changing and putting it in the Menu Bar (up at the top), it's back!! Yay!!
  • Albert
    You say you got it working. It is the best!!! But can you explain in layman terms what to do do to make it work with FF21
  • First... MANY THANKS to Silverhawk for all of the previous great updates! 1-click weather is awesome and I don't want to change. Thanks to Albert71292 for the information. I've been able to successfully *Install* the updated version, but now I'm unable to make it accept the customizations (zip code, etc) when I "Save & Exit." Nothing happens. Nada. Zilch. All pages and then S&E. One page S&E. Nothing. Same happens when I uninstalled and reinstalled FF15. Used the original Silverhawk file. Installed fine. Won't accept updates. Anybody got any suggestions? (Five Stars for the Program and Silverhawk. ONE Star for The Weather Channel for discontinuing the program)
  • I have it working on Firefox 21 without issues. Just had to go into the xpi file with 7zip, edit the max version in the install.rdf file. I upped it to 25*. Tried running the Weather Channel Desktop program from their website, but kept getting script errors.
  • I am still around, but I don't release this addon anymore. At some point in the past, my version was deleted from my Rapid Share account AND my account was deleted as well. I can only assume this was done at the request of The Weather Channel. I have contacted them on multiple occasions to request being allowed to continue this project and have never received ANY reply. So far now, I still fix it for myself, but since there is no safe place to release it, that is all I do.

    As for not working, I am currently running Firefox 20.0 and just did an uninstall and re-install of this addon ( without any issues.

    Good Luck all!

  • Just updated Firefox from 3.6 to 19.0.2. Lost my 1 click weather. Very unhappy. Here in Florida, the Weather Channel is the only accurate & dependable weather forecasting.
    I liked having it across the bottom of my browser.
    PLEASE bring it back!!!!
  • Bad news. Even Silverhawk's tweak doesn't work with Firefox 18. No point in downloading it unless he or somebody is able to do a fix. I miss 1-click. Not sure why Comcast-NBC-Weather Channel decided to abandon it except they now have an ad-ware app they want to push everyone towards. ForecastFox is not as good. Please bring one click back.
  • Your link no longer works to download the app. Would you mind reposting it? Thank you! You're the best!
  • Loved this app but it now seems that it is officially not compatible with FF17 and has been discontinued. I had the app just fine up till October 23, 2012. But on Oct. 24 I opened my browser to find that it wasn't listed, nor showing up on the browser tool bar area. In the list it is automatically disabled with a notation of 'not compatible with FF 17'. I am using the app they have suggested but truly miss 1 click. I really miss my 1 click weather app :(
  • Silverhawk, appreciate YOU taking the time to make the necessary fixes. It's a shame that the Weather Channel apparently can't take the time to maintain an extension for Firefox.
  • I am so glad you are around to keep updating the best weather add-on available. It is people like you that keep the web from becoming completely uniform, cookie-cutter and corporatized. I have downloaded, I think, three separate upgrades that you have so generously provided for this add-on, and I hope you will continue to stay with it until the powers that be realize that they can't continue messing with this add-on, and just give it up! Thanks again for performing a real public service.
  • Thanks a lot Silverhawks!
    It works great!
  • Silverhawk, thank you so much for the fix.....FF just updated to 13 today and killed my weather but the fix that you provide got it up and running again. :) :)
  • Greatest weather app I've laid my eyes on. Fully customizable and fits just fin into the Firefox interface. Pity it doesn't work on Firefox 12 yet. Can't wait for it to be updated.