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You cannot use the version found here on any version of Firefox greater than 3.x.
They made changes to the way extensions are handled in 4.x and again in 5.x.
I have modified the addon to work with versions 4.x and above and I have it available for download here:

My Release - Fixed for 4.x & above (NEW LINK) This is the ONLY place I release my version.

To install it:
1) Download the archive from the link above.
2) Remove the existing addon from Firefox and restart Firefox.
3) Click Tools->Addons
4) Click the down arrow next to the gear icon and click Install Add-on From File.
3) Browse to where you downloaded it to, select the archive and let it install.

Now, If you don't trust my code that's fine. If you read through all of my reviews here I describe exactly what
changes were made to get it to work. You can download the version here and make those changes manually to get
it to work with FF 4.x and above. I simply provide the modified archive for those who are not technically inclined.

This version has been tested on version 12 of Firefox and Waterfox (Windows) and works without issue.

Un-archived the original Java jar file. No, I did not want to do that, it just makes it easier to modify the program in the future.
install.rdf - Bumped the minimum version to 4.0
install.rdf - Bumped the maximum version to 30.x (probably no longer needed, but what the heck).
chrome/config/appconfig.xml & appconfig_default.xml
Changed line 738-767 in both files to fix where the menu links point to. One caveat though; Weather.com changed their system recently
and some of the old links no longer work. For example, you can only go out 1 day,5 days or 10 days in extended forecast. I have fixed
the links to reflect this as best I could...sorry, don't blame me.

MD5 Checksum: b4da7466fc4e07384103d33d9d4c46d9


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