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758 reviews for this add-on
  • I downloaded this add on and i was thinking that it was the greatest add on for firefox till today!!! i cant find the download icons. Why??? Is it true that its because youtube changed the layout??

  • Best downloader out there - actually the only one you need! It preserves the file name, its fast, it worked flawlessly from the initial install. I usually download the flash format and view with the VLC media player. FF 3.6 WindowsXPSP3 32bit and FF3.6 Windows7 32bit

  • Worked flawlessly for me the first time. ( FF 3.6.2pre 64-bit Kubuntu Linux 9.10/Karmic with 64-bit Flash plugin)

  • Finally a vid downloader that actually works AND isn't a hassle! Thanks@Download Man!

  • I love this addon. Makes it very simple getting a hold of YouTube videos. The next step I'd say you have is to implement allowing the download of HTML5 videos if possible.

    Thanks for a great addon (:

  • This addon is good. but I want link to MP3!!!!!!

  • This addon is good. but I want link to MP3!!!!!!

  • This addon is good. but I want link to MP3!!!!!!

  • xevre

  • I don't know about anything the other reviewers are saying, but OMG!!! This works great for FLVs! ONE---CLICK! No hassle, no delay. No BS...I tried something that made similar claims and it didn't work. This did(period)

  • yer mp3 would be awsome

  • Could you please add support to download videos as MP3 files? That would be greatly appreciated, as the other addon that is meant for doing that does not work properly and I prefer this addon over the other cross-site video downloaders. Thank you!

  • Very very good and useful addon. The only problem is that MP4 files doesn't work in my Nokia 5800 (i can read other MP4 files without any problem, however)

  • is much better than this addon.

  • is much better than this addon.


  • This small tool provides a nice additional value coming along with a great ease of use. I like it...

  • Neat add-on, simple and o the contrary of other ones out there it just works on most videos. Protected/obfuscated streams can't be captured but most of the rest work just fine. Wish had more options for file trans-coding.

  • Why It's NOT Working With Firefox 3.5.7 ?????!!!!


  • i like this add-on, it's too easy.

  • Great addon by the fact that it grabs the video quickly ANd with the correct naming.
    I am sick of so many greasemonkey scripts and addons here that don't seem to manage to do that with the name...

  • Perfectly decent add-on, though it's a pity it doesn't support YouTube's "Feather" beta. Tying the functionality to named DOM elements means that any time Google/YouTube decides to change their markup, the extension will stop working.

  • this add-on is amazing, great work
    thank you! : D

  • This blew me away! If you had asked me what I was looking for it would have been a one click download add-on.

    Well done sir!

  • I LOVE this plugin.
    But it would be a 100 times better
    if you had a MP3 downloader. Who just downloads
    the soundtrack from the youtube film.

    I like to download songs from youtube to have on my iPod and stuff. But when I use converting programs, they wont convert to more than 3 min's.