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758 reviews for this add-on
  • Atende as minhas necessidades quando preciso baixar vídeos do youtube ou quando preciso de um arquivo EM mp3.

  • Thanks

  • Hey! Your plugin does not work! You placed button under youtube "like" and "unlike" keys, so, when you try to press :"download", you simply make like or unlike, and nothing download. This problem appears often, now I cannot download nothing.

  • quick

  • Fácil, simples e agradável. Baixa vídeos do YouTube tranquilamente. :)

  • This thing is way too invasive.

  • Downloads videos but do not download mp3

  • It.s great, think my browser may be too slow

  • Very good

  • works great better than the first 4 add-ons i tried.
    very Pleased!
    worked on the 1st try!

  • nice data mining extension

  • sent to me download youtube tool for firefox 31

  • только начал

  • This add-on can:
    Access your data for all websites
    Exchange messages with programs other than Firefox
    Input data to the clipboard
    Download files and read and modify the browser’s download history
    Access browser tabs
    Access browser activity during navigation

  • Works nicely (though it's not clear to me what the second button does against each of the download format options) - but it always wants to download to my Downloads folder and I need it to default to a different folder due to limited disk space. Can't see a way of changing this; please consider building it in.

  • buenisima

  • practico y rapido, sin tener que ir a otras paginas para descargar. Recomendado.

  • callado pero eficiente, me gusta

  • this is good of apps world

  • cause its legit and easy to use

  • I simply can not do downloading!

    my cpu is 6700hq and when i watching youtube it use about 30% cpu
    close this add-on youtube only use 6% cpu
    can you tell me why? this add-on is good but it cost too many cpu
    I am not good at to use english

  • Просто необходимое расширение для скачивания видео с сервиса YouTube.

  • There is no download button. It doesn't work.

  • does not work for the device-specific Firefox.