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Thesaurus -

Thesaurus suggestions at your fingertips.

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Privacy Coach Featured

Privacy Coach is your one-stop shop to learn about and manage your Firefox for Android privacy settings.

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LINER - Web/PDF Highlighter Compatible with Firefox 57+

"LINER" helps you highlight sentences on the web. Highlight your favorite texts.
LINER saves all your highlights made across mobile and desktop. Share highlighted pages instead of sharing the entire article. Leave sentence-level feedback on web page

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Simple-Calculator Compatible with Firefox 57+

a basic simple math operator add-on

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SweetSearch is A Search Engine for Students. It searches only trustworthy, credible Web sites, and avoids the clutter you find in other search engines. It is particularly useful for biographies, history, and other research assignments.

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Eccellio Movies - Search Engine

Eccellio Movies helps you find everything about the fabulous world of Cinema, from glamorous Actor and Actress, Awards, Criticism, Directors, Film Festivals, Home Video, Memorabilia, Reviews, Soundtrack, Theaters and so on. Enjoy Eccellio Movies!

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26 weekly downloads - free pdf-ebooks search engine

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Plagly - Plagiarism Checker Tool Compatible with Firefox 57+

The most accurate plagiarism checker tool for students, teachers, SEO professionals and everyone in between.

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Search electronic books for free

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BeeLine Reader on Android (free beta)

BeeLine Reader for Firefox on Android makes reading on-screen easier and faster. In addition to increasing reading speed, it also provides a critical accessibility benefits for many readers with vision impairments, dyslexia, or attention deficits.

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English Grammar Search Plugin

Add this powered by Google search engine to your search bar ,and find English rules and exercises quickly and easily.

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edutags Compatible with Firefox 57+

Bookmarklet für Edutags

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PDF Searcher - Free ebooks search engine

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KJuicer Compatible with Firefox 57+

extract the knowledge from any webpage

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Find Master degree, diploma, bachelor, doctorate, phd, college, university.

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Feedbooks Search

Search for public domain e-books in Feedbooks

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Smart Define Search

Add Smart Define to Firefox's search bar. Get a quick access to dictionary and thesaurus when you need to find the best definitions and word meanings.

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DigitalBook Free Digital Books Search and Downloads.

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Web Search optimized for

Google Search optimized for

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Online books - search engine.

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