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VideoSyncer Compatible with Firefox 57+

With VideoSyncer you can can stop worrying about your progress in any online series you may watch. With VideoSyncer you can watch online series on any website the same way you would on netflix, without worrying where you left off!

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Spoiler Free! - Hide Facebook Spoilers Compatible with Firefox 57+

Spoiler Free hides/blur Facebook posts that contains spoilers!

Add the word spoiler to your post to mark it as a spoiler.

ضع كلمة سبويلر في البوست الخاص بك حتي توضح أنه يحتوي علي سبويلر أو حرق للأحداث.

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Animes / Scans - Alerts Compatible with Firefox 57+

Be informed from the release of a new episode or scan by a firefox notification.

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