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  • Very well! Thanks! Please add a hotkey to start speech recognition without clicking the extension icon in the toolbar.
    Also, if I choose Russian, I have both Russian and English, and that's great!

    It would be great if you could add the ability to fill any text area on any site ...
  • There is a problem with the extension : the firefox icon and the mic icon are masking the cross that closes the third tab opened. THat's annoying
  • Useless. I have to repeat my search requests several times for the correct words to appear on screen. I'm wondering if it's my British accent the app is having problems with. I will remove this extension, as it just isn't worth keeping it.
  • I would like it to work in any text input field. I am tired typing with my fingers. I want to type any text on any site with my voice. Please.
  • 方便,好用
  • Would be perfect if it added the icon to the DuckDuckGo search field on the default Firefox new tab page.
    Support for diffrent languages(German, maybe french,... ) would also be nice to have an option to use it as an "dictating machine"(also in languages like german or other non english languages from the common voice data base)
  • خوب
  • Would be perfect if it added the icon to the Google search field on the default Firefox new tab page.
  • Love you mozilla. <3
  • Добавьте поиск в Яндексе, пожалуйста. И активацию расширения по кнопке на пульте с микрофоном.
  • Addon added, I press the microphone icon, it briefly flashes to connect a microphone….. One was already in use and it took me a while before I realized it was Firefox’s microphone settings that were blocked, better prompting would have helped.

    Upon opening the web page it would be better if the mic button automatically activated, or at least had the option to make it do so within settings.

    However, the biggest problem I see long term is the fact that most non-mobile users use the address bar to search online, negating the need to open a full-page in order to search.

    Good start but I look forward to further development.
  • I have just downloaded this app to my android device and it does not work. No microphone appears on the Google search page. I am using version 68.1.1.