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  • This real good I love it ...thank so very much
  • Funzionava perfettamente, ora non trova più nulla, su stessi siti e stessi tipi di video... Già provato a rimuovere e rimettere, ma niente, morto...
  • It has helped me many times, no let down so far. You guys are awesome.
  • This seems to be a wonderful add-on and I've used it in conjunction of 2 other video downloaders.

    However, I've found this add-on as Gen2 PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) after running RogueKiller.

    To test RK; I installed 8+ different video downloaders and only 2 add-ons were listed as Gen2 PUP.
  • Very good app does what it says it does thank you!
  • sehr gut
  • Very usefull and working fine, a great addon for Firefox to download easly videos from your favorite tube site. Thank you for your amazing work.
  • Not sure how is it supposed to work.
    It adds a button in the toolbar, which lists available formats. But none of them allow you to download anything. Further those above 720p are only links to developer website (for purchasing the paid version).
  • not doing anything
  • works ok
  • Its just like the rest of these video downloaders, which is said to be much better than they actually are.

    This flat out said useless tool parts the videos in to small chunks of about 3.98 MB, which is about the same size as every single one of the rest of the useless video downloader add-ons i have tried for Firefox that also operates in such a completely useless way.

    And no, its not because of the streams being stored that way on the server in small chuncks, they are actually stored on the tested streaming site as single files of about 2.4 GB size.
    That was tested on a friends computer, where he tried using Firefox and IDM on that streaming site.
  • Ten Dodatek jest poprostu ekstra polecam.
  • Works like a charm
  • sehr gute app und schnell gratis
  • Instalei VARIAS, mas essa foi a melhor. SEM COMPLICAÇÃO, e mostra APENAS as principais qualidades do vídeo, ou seja da pior qualidade até a melhor qualidade disponível.
  • I never rate for anything, but this one is amazing.
  • doesn`t work on pornhub
  • Sehr gut.