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  • This extension has become less and less user-friendly every time Firefox updates. As of the Quantum update, this extension is useless for common sites like YouTube. That is, unless you pay a fee for the "ultimate version".

    Utter nonsense that I have fewer tools at my behest compared to 5 years ago. And technology is progressing??
  • les vidéos à l'ecran ne sont pas reconnu.
    comment peut on avoir 3048 5étoile avec une extension comme celle-la.
  • Great
  • Says it cannot download then redirects to a link.
  • good
  • Buena aplicación sobre todo cuando reconoce el archivo.
  • I used this to download Ninjago videos. Works great.
  • good
  • This is a scam. Will find videos but you can't download them. You have to buy the program before you can download.
  • me gusto mucho
  • Does exactly what a video downloader should do! I need to click the extension button twice before the list of available downloads is fully populated, but after the second click, all I need to do is pick the download resolution and wait :) Thank you!
  • It detected the video, but when I clicked on the button nothing happened.
  • Fantastic addon