4,370 reviews
  • Doesn't work, directs user to buy an add-on and installs malware.
  • best video dowloader
  • Unable to download anything on Youtube
  • does nothing
  • Не работает, firefox не может найти какой-то фаил...
  • Simple, fast, doesn't put a giant QR code on the videos. What more could you ask for?
  • Pretty simple and works great.
  • Quelques petits problemes images mais pas de son.
  • it will download 5 or 6 videos and then it completely breaks and won't download videos anymore when you click the download buttons
  • baik
  • So far so good... no heck up. great flash video downloader.
  • This extension has become less and less user-friendly every time Firefox updates. As of the Quantum update, this extension is useless for common sites like YouTube. That is, unless you pay a fee for the "ultimate version".

    Utter nonsense that I have fewer tools at my behest compared to 5 years ago. And technology is progressing??