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  • Very Good and fast
  • Great extension! Works well - thanks for providing this.
  • Very Good!!! Rapid and fast!!!
  • This add-on has worked perfectly. There's no watermark and no attempt to download additional programs.

    Unlike the leading add-on in this category, it detects videos without having to play them, and it recognizes the titles of the videos. Also, there's no difficulty in selecting which folder to save the download to. Finally, the leading video downloader produced an unviewable, corrupt file when downloading from Vimeo, whereas the file downloaded with "Video Downloader Professional" works perfectly.

    Several negative reviews say it doesn't work with Firefox and that there is a charge for it. Both claims are false.
  • Great for those videos it does detect:)
  • Could not download
  • good
  • Works as expected. Thanks devs!
  • works as said
  • useless, doesn't download, links to a paid for software instead!
  • awesome, thanks
  • Funktioniert sehr gut, auch außerhalb von YT, zeigt aber wirklich ALLE Videodatein an, nicht nur das Hauptvideo, einziges Nachteil ist, dass man die Videovorschau nicht in einem neuen Tab (mittl. Maustaste) öffnen kann ohne die Liste zu schließen, wenn man ein Video aus der Liste abspielt, macht er ein neues Fenster auf und schließt die Liste, dann muss man sich merken welche Datei das war (anhand der MB Größe). Wäre schön, wenn das geändert wird.
  • great help.
  • Doesn't work.
  • Works just about everywhere and lets me watch videos when I am offline