372 reviews
  • This is my favorite regarding page monitors. Unlike visualping and co. it has no limits and runs on your machine.
  • Feeds should be Alphabetically arranged
  • Works great, I use it for like a decade already.
  • great plugin, took some time to get right on new ff api. as any developer knows backup, backup backup.
    it is not update scanner fault firefox completely changed the api and killed all dynamic addons that were able to do real things.
  • Pretty useless due to lack of proper changes threshold.
  • FF68, Mir fehlt etwas übersicht.
    Ein Popup mit der URL und eine sortiermöglichkeit fehlen mir.

    Im alten Plugins gab es die möglichkeit die URL unter den Lesezeichen zu editieren
  • Excellent tool. A huge time-saver.
  • Me semble Très Intéressant. Vais Donc L'Utiliser