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  • it somehow broke my page recently. could you please add an option to add a white list?
  • This works like a charm. It's perfect. I only have a few question: is it possible to open the skipped link in the same tab instead of a new one? Or at the very list, to not have my tab changed for that new opened tab? Or how to customise like that? I'd love if you could help me, thank you.
  • Thank you!
  • Muy útil, Me evita el dolor de cabeza de "Click <> to continue" algo que los demas Add-onns de este tipo no hacen.
    5 estrellas bien merecidas :)
  • excelente addon es muy útil y lo recomiendo sin duda alguna. La mejor manera de evadir esos molestos acortadores de enlaces; Eso si que entre mas usuarios lo usemos mejor sera.
  • Best
  • Absolutely essential.
    Thank you for your work.
  • The best extension ever.