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  • The default player makes my computer heat up immediately, but I've had no issues at all with this player, it works great! The only thing I'd like is the ability to use it with VODs as well.
  • I used it only because it was the only solution to ads for me. Now it shows ads so it's pointless to use with inferior features to twitch's website.
  • used it to block ads, it no longer does this. pointless now.
  • It used to work like a charm for me, but suddenly I've started getting advertisements on the streams again, I tried to watch a stream earlier and still got some dumb samsung phone ad instead. Even after updating this still occurs.

    It also doesn't auto start for me anymore, I have to manually click the twitch5 icon every time.

    EDIT: Yep, literally every stream I try to go to plays an ad now.

    EDIT2: It's another change that twitch made with their preroll ads. Look twitch, I don't hate all ads, just the cancerous preroll ones.

    EDIT3 if people were using this for ad blocking, consider this. https://github.com/instance01/Twitch-HLS-AdBlock
  • Really good player, but It doesn't seem to block ads anymore, whereas it is the main purpose for using it for me.

    Edit: fixed! Tyvm, you're the best!

    Edit 2 : Doesn't work anymore....
  • Just a head-up, since yesterday it started showing ads (5-10 sec) when you're logging into a new channel, any clue why ? (modification to add ads into direct feed or something ?)
  • Works great but I use it on Firefox in combination with BetterTTV extension and it resets the Dark Mode option of BetterTTV so I'm not sure if there is incompatibility or just a bug in BetterTTV.
  • Really good player, it's smooth, I love all the options for it and it's the only player that doesn't make my firefox spaz out.

    The only negative I can think of is the delay compared to the default twitch player, default I have a 1-2 second delay, with this player it's always around 6+ seconds.
  • Wasnt having any problems until recently where it seems to log me out of chat while in it, i close out of it and im logged in, back in and im logged out again, and cant seem to watch it and be logged into chat.

    Edit: Nvm figured it out myself, Privacy Badger was causing problems with it.
  • Fixed my stuttering on Firefox. Thank you so much. Set my simultaneous downloads to 3 under buffering.