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  • It's a beautiful cat, moon & tree. I would like to see the same on the other side because it's so cool looking

  • Has a black cat.


  • I love cats, I love the moon and I love this theme!

  • I love cats and I love night scenes with the moon, so it was a double delight. Good work!

  • Wow! Now this is true artistry. You were able to highlight both the cat and the mood. Superb!

    Developer response

    Hi, I would have liked to have the link to the wallpaper as I didn't create the original design, but yes, the artist did an amazing job, that's why I've choose to make a persona with it.

  • it so coooool :D

    Developer response

    Thanks! :)

  • I like it!!

    Developer response


  • very cute :)

    Developer response

    Thanks :)

  • у меня кот такой

    Developer response

    и у меня есть кошка :)

  • Мистическая кошка. ))

    Developer response

    точно :)

  • ich liebe es ... es ist perfekt :)

    Developer response

    ich bin froh

  • I LOVE IT!!
    (btw, the cat is a Norwegian Forest Cat, aka a Wegie!!! <3 i have one, a black self [all black] with gold eyes, named Beauregard) <33333

    Developer response

    That's so cute, I have one too, mine's Birman :) Love all of them! <3