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  • Wonderful. Thanks to developer.
  • v3.1.7 will not work on FF 52.9.0 ESR (last non multi process version). No mouse button will activate the selecting rectangle and any changes to options revert to default settings.

    v3.1.6 will give me a rectangle, but it won't scroll down the page when I drag the mouse below the screen.

    v3.1.5 will, like 3.1.6, let me select links, and will scroll when I drag the mouse below the screen, but it won't scroll when I use the down arrow or the mouse wheel.

    This has been my favorite extension for a long time. While I'm sure that it most likely plays nicely with multi-process FF, is there any way you could get a working version for those of us who can't upgrade? v3.1.5 with the ability to scroll down the page with the down arrow would be immensely invaluable. Thanks.
  • is good
  • There is a serious issue. This addon injects code to any html input window. It does not appear to be malicious, but NO addon should be adding html code to a users input. We need to continually remember to disable this addon when not in use. So annoying!
  • Extremely easy and simple to use for those who likes to keep things simple.
  • The new version 3.1.7 has a bug of not letting the addon uncheck "Show the number of selected links" option.
    Also, I wish it can support smart detection of the selected links in order to ignore the related links while focusing on the main ones, which would be so useful in the case of Google search results & such.
  • Updated today and a bug appeared! Can't scroll page down as usual (while selection links with right-click and dropping the pointer down to page). Worked flawlessly till this update.

    P.S. Downgraded to version Version 3.1.5 and the problem was solved.

    P.P.S. Can't downgrade anymore. Pls, fix this bug! It can't scroll down while dragging and that makes it quite useless for me as I used it to open 10-20 articles at once.
  • 希望能增加选项,只将链接复制到剪贴板,不要自动打开到新标签。需要下载链接内容,不是打开页面