Shoptimate : compare prices automatically 1.2.1

Privacy Policy

Shoptimate Add-on Privacy Policy

Information collected by Shoptimate
Shoptimate does not collect or use any personally identifiable information. However, we collect the following information (without linking it to your identity):
- the URL that you visited only if it is from one of the merchant that we support. It is used to determine the product you're looking at and provide you with price comparison. We never collect any information on websites that are not selling products and for which you do not see a price comparison.
- characteristics of the product that you are visiting such as price and product reference.
- information about how Shoptimate is used, this may include the date and time of your visit, your browser type, the refering site, your operating system, your internet provider name. These data are collected on an aggregate basis and are not associated to your personal information. Those data are collected to improve the service and are anonymous.

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