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59 reviews for this add-on
  • Hello. My name is Matvey, I am interested in buying this extension. Please contact me via this email.


  • I like this add on really useful.

  • è un servizio eccezzionale, pratico, veloce e funzionale...

  • Very helpful I love it.

  • Perhaps it's unfair to mark down a program that does exactly what it says if you read the description carefully, however, it doesn't do what I thought it did. Judging from the other reviews here, I'm not alone in being confused. I wanted something like in Google's Chrome where you can right-click to get a menu and then choose "Search image" to search for images similar to the one clicked on. However, this extension doesn't do that (yet). I hope the author will eventually add in that functionality. In the meantime, I've switch to TinEye reverse image search.

  • nice

  • Very good

  • teşekkürler.

  • Really plays a big part in searching for images.


  • Lovely extention. Really impressed with it.

  • it's Cool i Love it ⭐️

  • Works well and makes searching so much easier.

  • Good help

  • It doesn't show up in my toolbar or when I double tap (right-click) on my Mac, even though it shows up in my add-on page and says that it's enabled.

  • Doesn't shows up in menu

  • Perfect

  • Благодарю за расширение!

  • Must use Extension.

  • Why suggest it also on android ?

  • Why is this called Search Image??? And why does it need access to all my data on all websites?

  • it can trace also words that are abstractive and not so specific, useful

  • Very useful.

  • I just want to send the ACROBAT READER to write on the IRS files.