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  • muy recomendada
  • Helpful add-on it should come built into browsers.
  • Cela fait plus de 2 ans que je l'utilise, au boulot (informaticien) comme à la maison (4 ordis) et plus d'ip-tracking, plus de spams. J'ai pu vraiment vérifier qu'il apprend de lui-même au fil du temps, c'est du solide. Un module Firefox de base pour toutes installs, avec uBlock Origin, alternatives nécessaires à l'omniprésence de Chrome...
  • My favorite tracking prevention app. Fast, non-intrusive, rarely breaks a site. Trustworthy independent organization.
  • I have had them for a long time now and I think they are AWESOME #1 in my book!!!
  • It's an OK addon.
    I can see it's not blocking as many "hidden spies" as other alternatives, but i do trust these guys more than companies like Ghostly and that's why i'm using Privacy Badger on all my browsers.
  • Detects and blocks trackers just as described. The issues are in the control page. The list for managing tracked URLs is unnavigable. It's so small that it takes ages to load them all in once you've accrued a lot (which you will because it's the internet). Then once you start editing them the list refreshes. Every time. This needs a serious overhaul, just for basic use.
    I won't rate it any lower because the functionality is definitely good, but I can't go higher because of the UI.

    Generally speaking, I suggest leaving the sliders alone and letting Privacy Badger do its job automatically. Privacy Badger learns to block a domain once it sees that domain track you on three different websites. See our FAQ for more information: https://www.eff.org/privacybadger/faq

    To discuss this, or to get help with Privacy Badger in the future, please visit our GitHub issue tracker at https://github.com/EFForg/privacybadger/issues, or email extension-devs@eff.org