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  • works well
  • It works as it should.
  • nice
  • i love useing this because i can now watch al the movies i want on the wepsit call free movies.com on the browzer
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  • NICE!
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  • very useful for all sites with annoying pop-ups
  • Really like the pop up block mechanism and the overlay is an additional bonus
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  • excelente, buen trabajo
  • After a very long time of having this addon installed, I finally figured out it was the cause for google search results freezing up.

    Whenever I would search something in google, and click a picture in the results, the whole page would freeze and after a few seconds I get that yellow alert bar "A web page is slowing down your browser. What would you like to do? [Stop It] [Wait]". Today I got fed up with having to deal with that, so I turned off 1 addon at a time to figure out which one was causing it, which is this one of course.

    So much for your tagline "Browse without interference on all sites."
  • Great pop-up blocker! Nice design, easy to use.
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  • Does the job pretty well. The only thing to point out is the crashing of a page due to some script interference. But overall very good. Thank you/
  • i am very happy with wish your add
  • OK, no problem :-)
  • i love it must have add on for your browser
  • Works without issues
  • Just amazing, it works 100% and appears to be very light on resources.
  • AWESOME:) You Can Remove "Disable Ad Blocker" Pop-Up by Right Click on the Pop-Up and Press "Remove Overlay".
  • Fucking awesome add-on , Thanks !
  • good
  • it's a wonderful app
  • excelente!
  • Useful, sleek interface, easy navigation. Excellent.