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  • Myki Password manager.....And some.
    A fantastic life saving piece of software that everyone should have on their machine, be it apple, mogisoft, Android (that's where it saved my life, numerous times) or whatever. It really is bloody incredible!!!
  • Good idea, cost-free, fast and secure password manager with android app to unlock the "vault" for passwords, good password generator and the best thing about it: FINGER PRINT SUPPORT.
  • Really convenient add-on for password management. Still a bit rough sometimes, but it's getting there. The main concept and the amazing support team deserve 5 stars!
  • Good, but would be even better if the auto add feature that the Chrome extension has could be incorporated in the Firefox add-on. As it stands currently, it is clunky to add passwords manually to build the database.

    Otherwise, great concept!
  • Yes
  • nice addon!!
  • It's one of the best password manager & authenticator that I have used. My favorite right now. Thanks
  • Easy to use on my Samsung T4 tablet.
  • This is an awesome password manager!
  • cool!!